Say Her Name.....

It’s really been a nutty kind of last few days. I will start off with posting this, then I will write another blog, with the back story.
THIS and THERE…. getting thoughts together, sharpening poison pen (a Family member told me I had one) Mama Wolf has been awakened, it’s been awhile. Got a lot to say, got some things to get off my chest… some things just can’t be BREATHED or WOOSAH’d away, until I deal with it, until the next time… so don’t tell me to drop it, let it go or whatever else, especially if you’ve never been in my situation or have had to deal with the SHIT I have. If you know me, you KNOW me. I am always nice, friendly and cordial, until I’m provoked, and it takes awhile to get there. Some things just don’t get a pass though…..”you’ve” been warned and it won’t be here on FB… yet


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