Like Father Like Daughter- Part Deux

yep, the message from the Cousin of my daughter’s is a mini book…LOL…MAN, HORMONAL is RIGHT! Jamie 6-redact-7-5-17
Bless your heart, telling me what I should and shouldn’t do…well, I’ve never taken orders from someone younger than me, not even hormonal one’s. By the way, what do you mean when you write, “Accept you…” Accept me what? What am I supposed to accept? I’m confused. You know, it’s funny you say that if anyone had a reason to contact your family (aka sending friend requests to your family) if should be my daughter as she would have a reason to, not me. Kind of like YOU now, right? I mean, if anyone had a reason to contact me, it would be your Uncle, as he would have a reason to, our daughter, not YOU…see how that works? You’re TRYING to jam me for something you yourself are doing. YOU have no reason to message me. My “beef” (that HE started) was with your dad, NOT you. My communication should be with your UNCLE, NOT  you, yet, HERE you are! Running your mouth like you’re some mob boss giving me orders, because of a response you didn’t like on or around June 29th. YOU ARE HILARIOUS! It took you this long to respond…why? You couldn’t just let it go? you HAD to respond? LOL…#thosehormonesareraging Do you REALLY think I care that your family is “repulsed” by me? You have me confused with someone who gives a damn… How and in what ways have you all tried to get rid of me? Like you all, I’ve just ignored the mass of you people, but here YOU are, nearly 24 years later, trying to talk your shit. WRONG ONE, girlie. You clearly are delusional. I’m not sure where or from whom you are getting your information from, but there’s no “injecting” myself into your family, never has been. I’m an embarrassment to myself? Are you even reading and paying attention to the words that you’re writing? For being so “Irrelevant,” you sure have devoted a lot of your time to me 😉 Thank you! SO SWEET of you. LMAO… Well, at one time, your aunt in the OC, your deceased grandma were always very cordial. They are the only two that came to my daughter’s 1st birthday. No one else, including your uncle could be bothered. Your grandmother always enjoyed seeing my daughter, her granddaughter, when I took her to see her dad, or I took her to your grandmother’s house. If they didn’t like me, that’s cool, they were respectful and cordial and knew how to be DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. Your cousin in Hawaii’s mother once told me to tell my daughter they (in Hawaii) loved her and hoped to meet her one day. SHE and her family are GENUINE. To bad you can’t accept that truth.
Jamie 7-redact-7-5-17
OH, FYI, yes, people in the family denied the fact that my daughter is your uncles daughter. In 1994, our uncle called me up and denied paternity. Then your deceased aunt  (RIP) from Hawaii called me up and told me SHE told your Uncle to deny paternity. At the same time, she told me how educated she was that she speaks English, and when she goes to Hong Kong, she can speak Chinese, and when she goes to Macau, she can speak Portuguese. I’m not sure what that had to do with anything, but it’s what she said.  SO, you can keep on believing that lie all your want, keep talking about shit you know nothing about. Your Hawaiian Uncle has always been low key respectful towards me, and welcoming. He appreciated the pictures I sent him of his niece, my daughter. What is so sad is one, how brainwashed you are in regards to my daughter, and two, that your family’s hatred towards me clouded your judgment  and denied yourselves the opportunity of having a relationship with my daughter. Also, why wasn’t your uncle MAN ENOUGH to visit his daughter? To visit with her, take her to see his side of the family…because he couldn’t be and wasn’t ever MAN ENOUGH to do so, he had plenty of opportunities through the years, and never acted upon it, but…what does that have to do with you again? It seems you’re still pissed over something you know nothing about and have no control over. That amazes me. Um, what have my actions been throughout the years that gave you the idea I had a personal need for you to acknowledge my daughter? You’re confusing. First you say you didn’t see her because you’d have to deal with me, then you say something about my actions that only you seem to know about. I never dealt with you all through the years, just your Uncle, and my dealings with your Uncle had no affect/effect/bearing on your family at all. My irresponsible actions? AND….what were they, Carnac?
Jamie 8-redact-7-5-17
HILARIOUS! YOU are going to tell me about the status of your Uncles marriage at the time? How old were you at the time? So you KNOW that your Uncle told me he was separated and in the process of getting a divorce, right? You know your Uncle even lived with me for awhile, while I was living in Whittier, right? You know I  moved in with your Uncle after I had our daughter in August 1993, right?  Did you know that Kathy called me at one time, thanking me for coming into his life so that now (back then) he would hopefully leave HER alone? Did you know that another time I spoke to Kathy, she told me that the only reason she allowed your male cousin to come over to your his dad’s house was because I was there, she knew I would watch and take care of him and that she wanted him to hopefully have a relationship with my daughter? She wanted her daughter too as well, but she said her daughter was very upset with your uncle. I left your uncle in March of 1994. His poor son. According to Kathy, his son was put in a horrible position. He knew your uncle was cheating on me, and he didn’t like coming over because he liked me and didn’t want to face me because of what he knew. What a horrible thing to do. Then that SCATHING letter Kathy wrote about your Uncle in Nov. 1994 that was used as evidence when I sued him for custody of my daughter. I mean, it was SCATHING…You know that letter I sent you via messenger. What about the other notice I sent you, the one where I was subpoenaed to appear at  Court for Kathy…That was Dec. 1994. Then you blocked me,  and that really made me laugh, because you can sure dish it out, but you can’t take it…. so you missed out on the copy of the Stipulation and Order on OSC that was filed in Jan. 1995 where your uncle agreed that visitation between him and his older two kids shall be at the discretion of each of the kids, yet your uncle and family blamed me for him losing visitation with his kids. Um NO, that’s not my fault. There was clear and convincing evidence that Kathy alone had on your uncle. In reality, he actually didn’t lose visitation, it was amended. It was amended so that his kids could decide when they wanted to see him. That’s all on your uncle because of his actions. His threat of kidnapping my daughter along with his actions towards his older kids and his ex is the reason I got sole legal sole physical custody of my daughter. Plus, your uncle defaulted, so that helped, but again….ALL his actions.  Don’t blame me for your uncles actions. I feel no remorse as I didn’t do anything to be remorseful. Your uncle’s actions showed me he was separated and getting a divorce. Who are YOU to tell me differently? You claim to know my medical diagnosis, huh? So you know that I was getting prepped for surgery to find out why I was having irregular menstrual cycles, and why my hormones were pretty much flat-lined, why, if I even wanted to get pregnant, I couldn’t. So you know that it was when they did a pregnancy test on me that it showed I was pregnant, and NO ONE was more shocked than me. I went from being told I couldn’t get pregnant, to damn near having an abortion. I bet that’s what you would have rather preferred, including your uncle, for me to get rid of my daughter that way. It makes sense now, you’re angry she exists at all….talk about someone having a “rancid” soul…does that even make sense? Is that really the word you want? You seem so certain, so I guess you would know…
Jamie 9-redact-7-5-17
Jamie, do you seriously think I care why your family despises me? I don’t. You sound like a fool in this long ass message. How old were you in 1993 when I met you? I didn’t contribute to the end of a family. Did you not read the letter I sent you? Your uncle had issues LONG before I was around. HE is the one that broke his marriage/family up irretrievably, not me. Nope, I feel no remorse for what your Uncle did to his family. I doubt my daughter wants anything to do with YOU or your mom and dad, but she may want something to do with her Hawaiian family. Who could blame her. Hawaiian family is GENUINE, decent, non judgmental people, whereas, your family is quite opposite. I think your middle sister might be the exception, because at least SHE made an attempt to talk with my daughter back in 2010 when she met her, but lets get one thing straight. My daughter has had no communication with her paternal side of the family because her FATHER ignored her for 24 years. He couldn’t be bothered with her. The same with the rest of your family, (Hawaii family is ALWAYS the exception) who has ignored her for 24 years minus 3 days (8-1-94, 2-28-10, 12-18-10) those 3 days are 3 days more than her own FATHER has seen her. It was because of my communication that those 3 days even happened, my communication with your Aunt and Grandma in 1994,  and actually mine and my daughters communication with your cousin J and Aunt D in 2010. That was it. So no, I haven’t continuously “injected” myself into your family. Last I knew, Communication goes both ways, if you’re so interested in my daughter, why haven’t you contacted her? Don’t use that excuse you didn’t have any information…it can be got if you really were interested, as you try to pretend you might be after reading this message of your’s.
Jamie 10-redact-7-5-17
NOW you caught on, she is an adult, you don’t have to go through me to get to her, but I’m not sure she wants you to contact her, especially after I read this to her. You’re being totally disrespectful to her mother, why would she want anything to do with YOU? You act like you’ve had to deal with me for 24 years…don’t you wish! No, you need to check YOURSELF. I’m going no where. I’m my daughters MOTHER, I’ve been here for her for 24 years so far, where the hell has your mom, uncle and aunts been? ::GHOSTS::
Nice chatting with ya. Sleep well, seems you sat there and wasted your time chastising me for something you yourself do, you’re a RIOT!!! GOD, I Love to LAUGH and you gave me PLENTY to laugh at….now, go take care of that baby you have, eat some crackers and drink some 7-up or something, you sure are hormonal….and STOP CALLING ME, LOL...The image I get of you calling me make me laugh! I see you standing, punching keys to block your number, then calling me, not leaving a message or hanging up when I answer. GROW THE HELL UP...;-)


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