Like Father Like Daughter-Part 1

GOOD GRIEF…I thought it was over, but just like a cockroach coming out of the woodwork…here come’s my ex’s niece, thinking she has something to say about my life. She was a gang member, doing a drive by this morning, dropping her incredibly long message, then blocking me. How cowardice of her. She was right about one thing…. I am posting her message, and multiple times if I feel like it. I guess she doesn’t like that, she says it makes me look “so stupid” but whatever. I guess she doesn’t know what blogs are for.  SO, let’s get started, shall we?
It started this morning when I noticed I had missed a phone call from an “Unknown Caller” at 10:06 am. Then I got another one at 10:07 am. I guess someone really wanted to speak to me, but I NORMALLY, as a rule, don’t answer these kinds of phone calls. So, I didn’t think anything of it. Then I briefly saw notification that I have a Facebook message. Someone I am not friends with is wanting to reach me. I click to see who, and it’s my daughters cousin, Jamie…remember her? From the previous post last week.
Apparently, the poor soul has been seething since last week and felt today was a good day for a drive by. I hear she’s “hormonal” but, she gets no slack from me. Jamie is talking about issues she knows nothing about. She’s butting in in a relationship she knew NOTHING about, but I’m going to set her straight in this post, not that she will see it, but that’s ok. She’s “hormonal” so she may find it.
Hi Jamie! It’s been nearly 24 years since I’ve heard from you, I can’t IMAGINE what you could have to say to me, but this should be fun. SO, you are writing to me about something that I put on my FaceBook wall ,about a beef I had with your dad. First of all, YOU and I aren’t friends, and neither are your dad and I for that matter. Secondly, out of the blue, your DAD responded to something I wrote 6 years ago, and I got a notification for his response. He KNEW my comment was written 6 yrs ago. He calls me out with bullshit, he will get checked. I actually didn’t call you out, since I wasn’t sure if the “-J” was meant as Jamie or if it was meant as “Jerry”. Who cares? You think I actually believe that you are aware of my post because you had a feeling that I would choose to do something like that? LMAO, What a CRACK up…I’m sure someone in your family told you to check it out. Unlike you, I don’t do drive-by posts or messages, like you seem to do, but if you contact me for no reason, you WILL hear back from me. I met you a few times when I was with your uncle, you know NOTHING about me, frankly, and you were a young girl. The only thing you know about me is probably what came from your mom or your uncle, mainly, and that was over 20 years ago. I am not sure what you’re talking about when you say “screen shot comments to post multiple times…” Multiple times part is what I am not getting. If you’re saying that the screen shots have the same thing in them, well, that’s just to show that I didn’t alter anything. It’s ok that you don’t understand. Hope it makes sense  now. There are plenty of friends in my “facebook audience” as you put it, that know who you and your family are. 
there are plenty who “Bother” as they know what I’ve been through with your uncle. My “facebook audience” (that really makes me laugh) couldn’t believe it and wondered what kind of man picks an argument with a woman over something that was written 6 years ago. What are you talking about, self validation and desperate need for attention? What do I need validation of? I certainly don’t need validation from Jerry, silly little girl, LOL. Yes, when someone attacks me for no reason, I do like calling them on the carpet. Like now. The whole Jerry ordeal was last week, and here you are today with your bullshit letter, but hey, like I said, you clearly are ignorant of the facts. So setting them straight for you is what I am doing, take it or leave it. You’re right again, I did call Jerry, your dad, a disgrace and an embarrassment. For Jerry to call me, “Retarded,” and “Retardo,”  and own wife is a para professional educator, one who works with Special Needs kids, makes him a disgrace and an embarrassment. Why did he delete the post where he called me “Retardo?” Glad I got it on a screen shot prior to him deleting it. Him calling me a bitch more than once, shows how classless he is, and how disrespectful he is. That’s no surprise, especially seeing how he is on that FUBAR website, with a pornographic pic as one of his first pics on it. I’d post the screen shot, but that pornographic pic kinda bars me from doing so. The irony in your message is astounding. You write how it amuses you when you see grown adults “utilizing” (whoa, big word there) Facebook the same way high school kids do, then you write me this message, venting about how you hate me and what you think of me, ad-nauseam. You bet your sweet life I’m posting this as well. You’re the one who has a baby and one on the way, don’t you think you have better things to do with your time, then tell ME how do deal with my time and life?
Um, I KNOW people don’t have to be related to look alike. I wondered if you knew, since you’re the one that made the comment about how your dad and your uncle can look alike when they aren’t even related. “Seif?” what does a sand dune formation have to do with this? I’m not sure what you were trying to say here, did you fall asleep? As far as me knowing what your dad looks like now or back in the 70’s, I can just go by the pics he posted. It seems he was really proud of his hair from the 70’s, LOL what year did he say? Around 1978? To ME, and I repeat, TO ME, your dad in the ’70’s resembled your uncle from the pics I have. I think it’s the mustache. That’s fine that you don’t see a resemblance, but I do. The blurry pic I used of your dad is the from the one he posted that he has since removed from his pictures on FB. Don’t knock me for something I got from your dad’s public FB, LOL… It’s amusing to me how upset you are that I find your dad and your uncle resemble each other. Do you really not like your uncle? What’s REALLY your underlying issue, because it seems your just a tad touchy about this, being so over dramatic about a picture and MY opinion, relax woman, I’m sure all this anger is not good for your state of being, “hormonal” that is, right? Yeah, it was night, I was relaxing and decided to compare pics, no big deal to me, wonder why it’s such a huge deal to you. You’re right again, I don’t know your dad, that’s fine by me. I know he likes to cook, eat, drink beer and ride harleys…not much has changed, right? Old Timer? LMAO…should I take offense to that? Your dad is older than me, so is your uncle for that matter. Old timer, huh? Well, that just means I know more and have more experience in this thing called life than you do, sweetheart. 😉 You could learn something from me, even hating me, you can learn something.
Hashtags? now you’re going off about hashtags? LMAO…Hmmm, not sure how to answer that….maybe go here and see if they have your answer.  I know some of your cousins use hashtags on Facebook, so I’m not sure what your issue is. Sounds personal though. Good luck finding the answer to that question. I do know that hashtags don’t work when you break the chain of words like you did. #learnhowtousehashtags #Learnsomethingyourselfdipshit, yes, maybe you should learn something, like when to use “Seif” and how to do #hashtags.
OK, so now about my daughter. My beautiful daughter. I never said your dad brought her up in his comments on his post. Did you not comprehend correctly? I KNOW I brought her up…HELLO? #Pleaseengagebrainbeforethinking. Your dad said I wasn’t part of the family, which I already knew, LOL…I just simply said that my daughter is. You write like I wasn’t part of his bullshit post to me, like I didn’t read or comprehend what he was writing or what I was writing, surely you jest, right? Are you pregnant? Is that why you’re hormonal? You sure are ANGRY for no reason, and over something that has nothing to do with you. Um, I hadn’t contact any of you for YEARS. My business is with your uncle only. Your dad, once again, came after me because of something I posted on his pic, 6 years ago. He KNEW that my comment was old, yet he chose to respond anyway, instead of leaving it alone. That’s NOT my problem. What did he do, get into a fight with your mom or something? Why do you take such issue with whom I speak to in the Rozario family? I sent your mom a picture of my daughter several times, when my daughter was little, only to have the letters returned. Sending a request to my daughter’s sister was done HOW long ago? A Bazillion years ago.
Yes, I am friends with your cousin in Hawaii. She actually did send a friend request to me, after I wrote her about something. She’s so not like you, She and her sisters and brothers and Mother and no doubt her dad are amazing people, my favorites out of the whole bunch. They are G-E-N-U-I-N-E, Genuine people. They don’t judge or hold grudges or anything like that. The world needs MORE people like them, but go ahead and talk about me to your cousins in Hawaii…if they have any questions, they can ask me, but I have a feeling they won’t care what you have to say about what you THINK you know because they are off doing awesome things, making the world a better place. Why do you care who I’m friend with on FB? It has nothing to do with you, it isn’t you, or anyone in your family, (meaning your husband, baby, your dad, mom and sisters) so what does it have to do with you? Why do you care? LOL Jealous? Otherwise, it makes no sense and it’s quite juvenile of you to think you have anything to do with it. You can’t control people and what they do. You can only control yourself. Are you your dad’s spokesperson? can he not speak for himself? Seems he did quite well last week. You are the only one that’s acting strange, and borderline psycho, who sends off messages to people they don’t know much less HATE? LOL…I’m just responding, publicly, because you decided to do a drive-by message and block me.


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