I Can't Make This Stuff Up....

It started, actually, Dec. 6, 2010. It was a Facebook post that my daughter's paternal Uncle Jerry, posted a picture of himself. Sometime between that date and August 26, 2011, when I responded to the post, Jerry and I had been Facebook friends. I am assuming he didn't realize or remember who I was exactly. So, having seen this picture he posted, on August 26, 2011, at 12:56 am, I wrote, "Jerry, you look like Anthony in this picture...." and that was it. (Anthony is my daughter's sperm donor.) That had BEEN it, until June 29, 2017 at 8:18 pm , YES, 6 years later, when he wrote, "This is like 1978." 6 years later, and seemingly innocent enough, right? I thought so too.

I thought so until someone either asked or just made a comment that I still can't believe. Someone, named Robert Jamie asked "Why would he look like Anthony, they aren't related" and prefaced this question/comment with an emoji that looked like similar to this :-/ only the mouth part was straight across.  Clearly this person, who is either Jerry's daughter Jamie or son in law Robert, seemed to be confused how someone can look like someone else, even though they aren't related. Apparently this person has never heard or doesn't know of the word, DOPPELGANGER. Makes me wonder if they've ever heard of a book called DICTIONARY. Also, I am not sure it was at that moment that Jerry realized who I was, or if it was a set up, or what exactly made him flip his switch, but suddenly, Jerry becomes unhinged, even hysterical and writes that "That Fuckin Patty is Retarded and doesn't belong commenting on any of our family's posts."2 things about this. Number 1, Seriously? my original post was from 6 years ago, and it's just being answered this many years later, and NOW it's a problem? As Facebook friends back then, was I not allowed to comment on "family posts"? Who knew!? Number 2, Jerry's wife works as a Para-Professional Educator in her local school district, and he has the audacity to throw the word "Retarded" around like it's nothing, ON social media? How disrespectful and disgraceful to his wife and her position, but his attitude is really no surprise....read on....

So, after Jerry's comment about how I "didn't belong commenting on any of their family post's" this Robert Jamie person says, "Jerry (last name) I agree 100% -J" Now THAT right there, makes me think the person is Jerry's daughter Jamie, who is writing, one because I've never met Robert, and two, the "-J". I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Of course, I reacted, and called Jerry a dumb-ass, reminding him that my comment was from 6 years ago, when he friend requested me. I told him to relax and get a grip. Should I have called him a dumb-ass? Probably not, but that level of stupidity, both in the years it took to respond, to his pissy-ness about it, to that asinine question about not looking like each other...it was just too much, LOL.
The next pic shows that Jerry realized my comment was "old," so why now? it still makes no sense. In fact, when I got a notification on Facebook that Jerry so and so commented on my post, I wasn't sure who that was. I thought surely not the same guy I knew because I hadn't spoken to him for years and we hadn't been Facebook friends for years either. I clicked on the notification and sure enough, it was the VERY same guy. Apparently he forgot he friend requested. SO MUCH ANGER towards someone he has no contact with. In fact, prior to 2010, I hadn't spoke to him since 1994 when I left my daughter's father, and prior to that, it was infrequent when my ex and I lived together when I was pregnant in 1992 and after I had my daughter in Aug. 1993. To quote Don Henley's song, Heart of the Matter, "You keep carrying that Anger, it'll eat you up inside, Baby..." Jerry seems to be more angry about something that didn't even concern him, or have anything to do with him...my relationship with my ex. SO now Jerry wants me to go find my own family, calls me a "BITCH,"  tells me I'm not part of his family, never have been, never will be, and tells me to stop posting about them.  I'm just not following him. I don't post about his family, thought I certainly could. I can and HAVE posted about my ex, but how does that affect Jerry? Then he tells me I was a sad and stupid mistake, that I need to get my "onw" fucking sorry life and keep it to yourself. What does that MEAN? LOL...It's funny how, when people are THIS unhinged and pissed off, they write the craziest shit, shit that makes NO sense. It kinda makes me laugh, actually. My late husbands ex wife used to do that as well. That's ANOTHER story....on with this one. 
So in my response, I reminded him that he did friend request me, but that was ok. I understand about old age setting in, I have my moments as well. I told him I did have my family and that my daughter is part of Anthony's family and that the R's/M's (first initials of last names for my ex and Jerry) denying it doesn't make it so. I told Jerry nice try though. I also told him that I didn't have to stop posting about him, but thanks for the fodder. How does one stop doing something they aren't doing? I told him in case he hadn't noticed, I hadn't posted to him SINCE 2011, when I suddenly started getting notifications that people were posting on the pic. THAT was not my problem. I told him to stop responding to me if it's such a bother, that it was really that simple. It ALWAYS makes me laugh how an adult tells another adult to stop writing them, yet continues to respond....
Jerry  must have been drunk or SOMETHING because his response was  say that's ok, calling me Bitch again, to "keep dreaming. Fantasy Land LA LA LAND" WHAT the hell does that even mean? How OLD is this guy? I HOPE he didn't think I dreamed about him, gross and said just that! I also told him that last time I spoke to my daughter's father was in Dec 2016. He didn't like my response too well, because he then said that wasn't what he said and now I'm a "Retardo" according to Jerry. I had to laugh at how he told me to stop writing, yet he continues to write me. I told him that he just couldn't help himself, to look at himself continuing to call names, and wow, how immature, NOT. I asked that if he hated me so much, why is he wasting his time responding to me? he can't help himself? I was amazed at the power I seem to possess, LOL

Not sure why, but he deleted his previous comment. In my last comment to him, I wrote that actually, Anthony was the sad stupid mistake. It was then that I saw he deleted his RETARDO comment and apparently had blocked me. GOOD.

Truth is, while Anthony was the sad, stupid mistake in my life, I did get a precious gift of my daughter and for HER, I thank him. Anthony was and forever will be a piss poor "Father" who has 3 kids, none of which have anything to do with him. 2 of them by choice, the last one, my daughter, because ANTHONY has wanted it that way. In nearly 24 years, I can count on one hand how many times he acknowledge her. 7 months old, 10 months old, 2008 in court papers where he said he needed his license reinstated so he can "visit with his child" (whom he hadn't seen for 15 years already) and then on December 17, 2016, when he sent me a text that said, "Patty you tell my daughter to contact me anytime I don't need to speak to you to see her. Patty in the past you never let me see Sarah so i will talk to her but I have nothing to say to you I rest my case." WHOA....such commanding words from an otherwise deadbeat father.
What started all this with Jerry from the beginning? From 6 years ago? When I told him he reminded me of Anthony, his brother in law, in the 1978 picture? I can see a resemblance,just in the face, maybe it's the mustache, I don't know, but it was MY opinion that they resembled each other. WHAT set Jerry off, after all this time, especially since he KNEW it was an old comment? Is it because he REALLY did not like the fact that I compared him, in ANY way, to Anthony? Does Jerry have his OWN issues with Anthony that he doesn't or hasn't dealt with? I have no idea, only THEY know. I hope they get it resolved.

At one time, I loved Anthony. We got along great, he was funny, he was handsome, he was sweet and caring. He is STILL, after all these years, still loved by my sister and welcomed at her house. As for me, he's the biological father of my daughter and that's it. We are not friends, because HE want's it that way. His demons changed him. His demons got the best of him. He went off in a totally different direction. His ex wife was not going to put up with them, again, she did that when they were first married, and she eventually cut off visitations due to what their son was telling her about them, things I didn't know until later. I got blamed for his ex-wife "keeping the kids away from" him. His demons were not my fault. They were his. His demons got him fired from two really good jobs, one, ironically, was in the same district his sister works in. His ex wife and myself were not going to put up with his demons. That's life, that's what WE chose. That's the life he chose. He CHOSE to find someone who would support him in the lifestyle he wanted. I'm glad I got away before my daughter was taken from me  because of HIS actions. I'm glad his ex wife did what she needed to do to protect her kids. It's what us Mama Bears/Mama Wolves do to protect our babies.


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