Mess With The Bull, You'll Get The Horns...

On Dec 16th, 2016, I got a message from a fairly reliable source, ie: One who would know, that my ex was kicked out of his house, his family made him move out, and they sold the house because he had gotten into some trouble with the Law. This person asked me if I had heard anything or know about it. I said I hadn’t, so I sent my ex a text message, asking if he was ok and if he still lived at the last known address I had for him. I also called him a little while later and had a decent talk, he was fine all was well, he was about to eat pizza; just a cordial conversation.
The next morning, Dec 17th, ex must have mulled over our non confrontational conversation, and couldn’t handle it, so he shoots me off a text at 930am telling me, ” Patty you tell my daughter to contact me anytime I don’t need to speak to you to see her. Patty in the past you never let me see Sarah so I will speak to her but I have nothing to say to you I rest my case.”
Um, say WHAT!? Oh no, no, no…not so FAST…I didn’t let that one go. I  immediately went on a text message blitz. I started off LMAO at his ridiculousness, telling him that I would tell her, and good thing for his case, I have proof saying the contrary. I reminded him of the time that he took me to court, she thought he was going to be there so she could see him, but he never showed up. I asked if I should tell her to contact him at the house he lived in that was sold or the place he’s living in now, in Orange County. I also told him to lets get this straight, that it was the JUDGE/COURT that ordered no rights of visitation due to his drug and alcohol abuse and that like the NICE person I am, over a period of 16-18 years, I tried to set up visitations with him, despite the court order, but he would NEVER respond to my request or wanted it to happen. I told him the chew on those facts, that if he had ANY interest in her life over the last 23 years, he would have made an effort. I left him (for cheating) when my daughter was 7 months old. He saw her again when she was 10 months old, and that was IT. She’s now 23 years old.
He told me that I needed to get my facts straight, and that the point was, he still lives where he’s always lived and he chooses not to talk to me, and, (I quote) “but please tell Sarah I would be honored to see my own daughter again and to call me.” the GALL of that absentee father.
I asked him where he’s been the last 5 years, where was he all the years I was writing him, asking him to see her, that he didn’t have to deal with me, he could see her another way, and he was CRICKETS…never took me up on my offer. I told him I would pass on his message when I saw her that day, the 17th of December. I then sent him a screen shot of his court papers, claiming he needed his license returned to him so that he could “seek employment visit my child and for personal errands.” Our daughter was 15 at the time. I reminded him that was his declaration from 2008, he NEVER made an effort, and to stop his lying. I also had a change of heart and told him that since he doesn’t have a need to talk to me ever, HE could tell my daughter whatever his messages are.
He never asked for her phone number and he’s never stopped by my house to see her.
Yesterday, I sent him a Happy New Year text, wishing him a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017, and also sent him a pic of my daughter that was taken at a NYE party she was at.


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