Where Do You Live Again?

She talked about selling the house, so she can get out of paying the mortgage so she and the kids can live. She said they would move into an apartment, less expensive. All this talk was in 1990.
In April 1991, she signs a Grant Deed over to another couple.  In October 1991, she sends a letter to hubby, with a return address of the house she sold.
In May of 1992, she sends a handwritten letter to my husband’s employer regarding an  issue she was having with child support payments she was receiving. The address she listed as her home address? The house she sold.
Again, on February 12, 1993, she sends another letter (she actually sent several) to my husband’s employer advising them that she needed to change her name and her address as she has gotten married.
First of all, she didn’t get married until feb 20, 1993. Secondly, why did she list her old address as the house she sold in April of 1991?
She never moved. She kept the money from the sale of the house, and continued living there until Feb 1993.
A shady shyster if you ask me.


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