Back in May of this year, I had started back to school…at MY age! I guess it’s never too late 🙂 I’ve had many dreams and have accomplished a few, but those few have been the BEST! I got married and had kids. 🙂 I’ve also wanted be a radio broadcaster. I believe I would do very well in this area, I’ve always been told, “You give good phone,” so that says something, huh? LOL I’ve also wanted to become a Paralegal in the field of Family Law, especially after experiencing what my husband and I went through in our lives. I’m on the road to that, attending college studyig Paralegal Studies. If I stay focused, I will be graduating August 1, 2014 with my AA in Paralegal Studies. 
This was almost not going to happen. I got so frustrated with a teacher I had last term, that I almost called it quit. I passed the class with a 96%, but it was hard fought for. I started this new term, we are into the 3rd week, I’m behind already in two classes, I have faith I will catch up, but I feel like I’m just not into it this term, because of last term. When I talked to my fiancee about this recently, he said, “don’t let anyone keep you from your goal…” and tonight, we had a guest speaker in class, a former student of the school and Paralegal course,  and, well, after listening to him, I’m going to get back up and power through this term. Each term is 10 weeks. I’m going to spend time getting caught up with missing work, and keep my eye on the my goal, so that I can graduate in 2014. After all, I’m not getting any younger… 🙂


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