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That's RIGHT!!!

To all the Parental Alienators out there...yes, including YOU!!!


Had a very emotional day, my heart breaks for our friend and NO ONE should go through the bullshit he was put through today, that I experienced first hand. It was horrible to see him being chased down like a dog and caged, (held against his will) by his family and have the police called. He has said how they treat him, and to see and hear it actually happen was horrible. I'm glad he is 18, I'm GLAD the police reminded his parents this, I'm glad he was online looking for a job, and I told him to use this experience today as empowerment to get a job and get the HELL away from the environment he is currently in. I also told him we are a phone call away, and when he calls, we'll be there, it was horrible...simply horrible....I'm hopeful things will work out for him, and he can get out of there, but I still feel just bad for him. — feeling sad.

Parental Alienation

Oh yes, my husband and myself (proxy) have experienced this very ugly thing