DAMN, back pain is a BITCH!! I have so much respect for people that have chronic back pain and still do what they need to do! This is NO JOKE!

So I went to the docs yesterday, and she seems to think I pulled a muscle. She pressed on my spine and when she got to my lower back, I YELLED and flew up to the ceiling. Of course, not literally, but GEEZUS, I could have! Afterwards, I cried, it hurt so bad! I love my doc! My love jokingly called me a cry baby, I admit it, I am, LOL

I got a shot of Toradal, that stung like a bitch. the RN had to monitor me, and after about 15 minutes, just when I laid on my side on the bed in the room, he came in and said I was able to leave, when I was ready. My love helped me get up and walk. I was sent home with some medicine called Meloxicam. I took one and I'm not sure if it helped any.

I'm not supposed to stand, sit, bend for prolonged period of time. I do have to go to school tonight, so we shall see how that works.

I missed work today, but that is a good thing. I will go back tomorrow and Friday, thank GOD, again, I am in detention this week, for the last week, so I'm hoping by Monday, I will be feeling MUCH better.

 Other than this, nothing much going on today.

Will write again later!



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