Anyone else following the State of AZ v Jodi Arias? This is the at least the 3rd big "Trial of the Century" that I followed, and was INCREDIBLY happy that this murderous stalking bitch was found GUILTY of 1st Degree Murder!

The NEXT Phase, is the Aggravation Phase, which means that after more testimony, the Jury will decide if the way the crime was committed was in a heinous, cruel and depraved manner. Frankly, I don't know how it wasn't. This bitch stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times, shot him in the head and sliced his neck from ear to ear.

It will also be decided if Jodi Arias should get DEATH, LWOP, or LIFE with possibility of Parole after 25 yrs. Personally, I do support Capitol Punishment, so I think she deserves DEATH. Yeah, she says she wants death, because "in death comes freedom" she says, but I don't think she really wants to die. I think she is playing games, especially hearing her interview minutes after the verdict was read.

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