Childrens Bill of Rights

From the Stepmom Magazine originally posted Nov 11, 2011:

Maybe if my husbands kids had been afforded this when they were growing up, their relationship with him would not have been so volatile, but I personally think his ex wife had a plan to destroy their relationship and set out to do so, and accomplished it.

1. The right not to be asked to choose sides between his/her parents.
2. The right not to be told the details of legal proceedings going on between his/her parents.
3. The right not to be told bad things about the other parent’s personality or character.
4. The right to privacy when talking to either parent on the telephone.
5. The right not to be cross-examined by one parent after spending time with the other parent.
6. The right not to be asked to be a messenger from one parent to the other.
7. The right not to be asked by one parent to tell the other parent untruths.
8. The right not to be used as a confidant regarding legal proceedings between the parents.
9. The right to express feelings, whatever those feelings may be.
10. The right to chose not to express certain feelings.
11. The right to be protected from parental warfare.
12. The right not to be made to feel guilty for loving both parents.
13. The right to be treated respectfully by each parent.
14. The right not to be demeaned by either parent by word or deed.
15. The right to be safe from physical harm.


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