One Upmanship

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This is what happened when my two younger stepkids used to visit.
When they got older, like 15-16-ish, a couple times they emailed my husband about their visits being boring and if they are going to be boring, they aren't coming for a visit. When they came out, and reported to their mother what went on in OUR house, the ex would whip off an email or make a phone call to tell us what was going on, according to HER.
On the other hand, my husband would get emails telling him where they went with their mother, and how they had so much fun. Yeah, GREAT! When we did take them to the fair one time, the ex slammed him for it.
My hubby was damned if he did, damned if he didn't, when it came to having to do anything regarding his kids. It was his EX that always tooted her own horn about how great she was, so hubby called her "Mary Poppins." Yeah, hubbys ex was really a her own mind....


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