Letter Carriers

I MOST definitely need to give a HOLLA or  a SHOUT OUT (whichever you prefer <g>) to (one of) my favorite groups of people...LETTER CARRIERS!!!!! You are the BEST and I GREATLY appreciate you all! I DO know that your job is more than just walking miles and miles days on end and putting that letter in the mail slot, and don't get much Thanks for what you do, and I just want you all to know that there is someone who loves ya!
 I leave you with this "Postal Prayer" giving credit to Catholic Bishop Raymond J. Boland, described by  John Jay Daly, as "an Irishman with a poet's touch." Blessings....
"God. Our Father, as we gather to study the myriad operations of the United States Postal Service, send your Spirit among us to enlighten our minds, clarify our thoughts and spark our creativity to better our communications so that all those we value as sour customers may be enriched by our deliberations.
"May everything we do be first class. Provide special handling for those of us who are fragile...and keep us in one piece. We have been signed, sealed, stamped and delivered in your image and likeness...and we beg you to keep us in your care as we go about our appointed rounds. And, when our days draw to a close, and we are marked "return to sender" please greet us at Heaven's door so that no on may ever say "undeliverable at this address."
"Bless the food we are about to share, the hands that have prepared and serve or meal, and each time we eat, let us be filled with gratitude for the plenty you have given us and be mindful of those where hunger stalks the land. Teach us to be responsive to blessings which are ours this day- and every day. AMEN."


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