Interesting Information...4 is a charm!

Thank GOD for public information :-) Since I thought of writing my book on my life as a stepparent, I have been doing a little investigative work. I was really just thinking about my husband's ex and WHAT could make her so goddamn bitchy all the time. I've stumbled upon some information I found quite interesting, I don't know if it has any meaning or if MY suspicion is correct, but maybe one of you will come up with the same idea I did. Let's see....

My husbands ex remarried in 1993, to the man that she would tell my husband she would marry and she will go to him because HE loves her and will take care of her. When my husband and her were married, he had his own trucking company, and she can't and would never convince me she was not taken care of, when she writes things like this in Sept 1990...

I guess, or it appears to me, that the "Other guy" probably made more money, and since MONEY is the underlying subject matter in all her emails and letter and phone calls, lets be real, I think she was trying to relive those days. ANYWAY...

This man and the ex knew each other for years. His sister is the ex's best friend, and according to the ex, he's been in love with her for years. PROBLEM: HE was married. His then wife, filed divorce papers from him on 7-20-90. ( I really wonder why and if a 3rd party was would be interesting to talk to Dora, since the ex says they got along famously. I seriously doubt that)  My husbands ex had filed divorce papers from him back in Nov 1989.

On 2-22-91, hubby's ex gets a court order wage garnishment for child support, and on 3-22-91, the 'other man's" ex files child support orders.

On 2-12-93, hubby's ex writes his employer telling them her new change of address and new name, because has "gotten married" effective the date of his letter.

On 2-20-93, hubbys ex and the other guy, ACTUALLY did marry, LOL (8 days later from letter to employer.)

ON 6-7-99- hubbys ex calls me up and tries to read me the riot act because I bought my former stepdaughters ticket for summer visitation. The REASON I bought it was because we had found out that the ex was over charging him in airfare, ie: we paid $215 for son's while she was planning on paying only $116. and since hubby was liable for ONE HALF, 50% of the total cost, he should have only paid, $165.50, of the $331 we paid out. SO the ex wasn't happy, yelled at me, cussed at me, threatened me, and told me I was cause of her 2nd divorce.My husband told her in an email on the 8th that neither him or me are the cause of the problems between her and her husband. On the 9th, she wrote, "A divorce is in the making because of the constant harassment over the years from you and your wife. She also slammed my two kids by saying, "Tell your wife to get a hobby something other than JUANITA in her life. How about a job? So you won't have to whine about the cost of your older children because she has sucked you dry with two more kids who require constant medical attention..." How rude was THAT?

10-6-00 was the actual day she filed for divorce from hubby #2.

5-3-03- ex wrote that she was changing her last name, back to maiden name.

7-15-03-the ex filed a DV charge against her ex hubby #2.

10-25-05- the ex filed a harassment charge against her ex hubby #2

it appears that her ex hubby #2 remarried  sometime after their divorce was final because his 3rd wife filed for divorce from him on 5-19-06. I really wonder why, and if a 3rd party was involved. It appears to be so because guess what? it would be interesting to talk to Kristi, too!

According to the ex, in October 2006 (if not before) she and her ex hubby #2 are engaged again! By now I think they are remarried, but not positive.

I also wonder what part if any, that she played in those 2 divorces because on another website that she harassed me on, she wrote, on June 29th 2008 to her now fiance'/husband, "I am very much in love with you and have been for the last 30 years. I love living with you and being engaged for the last 2 years. You will always be first in my life" OK, 30 years ago? 1978, the year she graduated high school...

SO, what I was trying to do, is figure out why she was always a bitch. I would look at the dates of things going on with her personally,and then dates of emails she sent or phone calls she placed, but there really wasn't any, other than the June 1999 one.

So my not so scientific study and absolute conclusion is, she once took a crack at my husband being married 4 times. I am his 4th wife, PROUDLY. Funny how things turn out, SHE is now HER husband's 4th wife...well, she's his 2nd and 4th wife :-) AND some people ::coughjuanitacouch:: are just perpetually  BITCHY... :-)


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