SO terribly sad you gave us that much power over your life and that you allowed us to rent so much space in your head. Be Free, J! Maybe you will have time to file another domestic violence charge on J or your next boyfriend/husband, have a great life! We will always continue to be blessed :-)

Of course she just can't let it how free is she!? She wrote back, "No domestic violence charged filed at anytime, you must have seen the restraining order. Go ahead, give me enough reason to file privacy charges against you. I still have enough paperwork for that. In case you failed to realize that there are laws against you violating my privacy rights.

There was no privacy  violation at all, LOL. The court order is PUBLIC RECORD on the state court website. Don't worry, be happy, be on your way now, you should be rejoicing and partying, instead of continuing to give us any time of the day :-D Don't give us another thought, don't let us rent that space in your head. I can't believe after the email you sent about being free at last, that you are still allowing us to rent that speace. So long, J, it's been a wild ride :-)

She said she wasn't talking about any court orders, because there are none. She said she was talking about all the times in the last 12 years that we have invaded her she loved to say, "PROVE IT." :-)

We told her to be well, and to go deal with her issues, also told her she reeks of bitterness, so go be well. She wrote that there was no issues any longer, that she was no longer at our whim to stick our noses in her business. ( oh, yet she invades a friends and my blog... in 2006. How crazy is she?) For there being no issues, she sure isn't acting like it. I guess she wasn't as "Free at last" as she stated in her email since, she keeps emailing, LOLOLOL!


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