Where has the year gone!??

December already! WHAT!? how did this happen?? Am I so busy that life is just passing me by? I don't think so, but PLEASE, STOP THE WORLD for a MINUTE...seems the older I get, the faster the years go by, and, well, quite frankly,  I think that's bullshit and don't like it, not one bit, but I guess, in reality, there is nothing I can do about it, just go along and enjoy the ride! :-)

LIFE is fine at the moment. Well, my car isn't, and I have a rental. Funny, I got a text from my neighbor this morning, who said, "I meant to tell you yesterday, I like your old car better!" HUH? my old car? I didn't buy a new one. My "old car" Bessie is only 4 yrs old, and running a little rough, so she is in the shop for repairs or re-repairs I should say. (possible lemon law deal here) but I will get her back in a day or two, I HOPE. :-) Not that it should matter to my neighbor, LOL

Female child is doing good. Working, getting ready to take some classes at the Adult school, I hope I hope, since she and her boyfriend have so much trouble getting their classes at a JC. VERY frustrated about that, but I am glad they have other avenues to pursue.

Male child has started working out again with a couple friends at school. After school, they go into the weight/cardio room and utilize the track to do what they do. I'm glad he's doing that. He think he's fat, NOT...6'2"  180lbs.

I was off work the whole week of Thanksgiving, back to work a week, (worked 4 out of the 5) worked 2 days ago (Monday) and off the rest of this week due to Parent/Teacher conferences. When we go back to work next week, it's for two weeks, then off for Christmas break....SO not good for the finance, but good for the soul and piece/peace (lol) of mind. :-)

Hope all is well in your world!!


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