It's been a week....

And it hasn't been all that fun...but I wake up every morning, giving thanks for another day!

Dec. 6th I was dx with Diabetes. I was sad, but it runs in my family, and apparently, I couldn't escape it. Neither has my older brother. I told him, "we got dad's disease, (older sis) got Mom's..." More things my kids will have to watch out for. I did take my blood sugar reading since Dec 7th, and this morning it was perfect at 90. It's been consistently less than 120 for 5 out of out days. That's good, I think :-)

ANYWAY, my neighbor has let me borrow her diabetes cookbooks, meals and desserts. It all looks DELICIOUS!! I look forward to making some of the recipes. I also signed up for classes, which start in January, though now I'm not sure I can take the Sign language class I want to...I'll have to see. 

I think I was sold a Lemon when I bought my 2008 Saturn Outlook. I have had to have it in the shop for Tranny problems twice in less than 2 months. There is also an electrical issue with the windows, and the car is only 4.5 yrs old. I bought it new, and don't drive all that much for this to be happening with the tranny.I have to contact an lemon law atty today. Really weird, but the day I took it in, last week, I happen to get a letter in the mail from said lemon law Attorney's office. :-) A sign!? Perhaps, we'll see. 

Tomorrow is my love's 55th birthday :-) He has to work, so not sure what we're going to do. Next week is my husband's birthday. My kids and I "celebrate" this day by going to the movies, and then to In and Out. His fave to do on his birthday. :-) I was thinking earlier, how I was married to a Saggitarian, and now engaged to one. Other "coincidences", Both names start with K, they both work/ed for the Post office, they both have their birthday's a week apart. I love them both very much and miss my husband. <3.

Will write more later, have a great day!


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