Politics and Religion....

So yesterday, a friend posted on her wall about wanting Americans to put aside their differences, especially after the election, and come together and Unite after Natural disasters, and work towards a solution to unite us all again. I thought it was a great post, I liked it, and my response to it was " yes, as I watched a video of a riot in MS because President Obama won...or reading Donald Trumps (a parent, grandparent) tweets about how "we" cant let this happen and to March in Washington, and talk about revolution. It wasn't a political post, but in a way it was, because we ALL have to be on the same page to want peace and unity, but with people out there like Donald Trump and other RIGHTIES who are losing their mind because President Obama won a 2nd term, and I believe would HINDER any PEACE or UNITY anyone worked towards, and NO WHERE, did Donald Trump say anything about Abortion. I told my brother that if we are to "unite" and we got people like HIM, who, unfortunately, people LISTEN to, and think his word is BIBLE....he's got to be put in the perspective of it...

A Bible thumper that I knew growing up as a kid, wrote, "There is no uniting with others when there is grave sin....abortion, changing the definition of marriage, and enforcing the HHS mandate on the Catholic Church. The gift we give our children is our love of Jesus Christ..." There was more of the religious rambling, and I thought I clicked MORE before I copied it, but apparently I didn't.

The conversation turned after that. This is the PERFECT thread showing or proving why POLITICS and RELIGION should be kept separate.

To this woman's response, I said, "abortion falls under a woman's right to choose, and changing the definition of marriage falls under the Bible, and there is such a thing of SEPARATION of Church and State. We all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Ms. Bible Thumper goes on to tell this mutual friend to "start reading the lives of the Martyrs of the Church and the Saints. Our love for Jesus Christ and obedience to the laws of God is what will transform others. Many martyrs in the early Church still showed love towards their enemies even in being killed. They did this not because they united with their grave sins but because they died for the truth of Jesus Christ. This is what was and will always be in turning souls to Christ and His truth. Through the Eucharist Jesus strengthens us to handle the trials and sufferings that others may do to us because they are enemies of God and His laws."

SAY WHAT!? WHERE did this come from and WHAT does it have to do with the SUBJECT at HAND? I thought she was ignoring my commnet about abortion being a woman's right to choose, etc, but she wasn't. She told me 4 words, "Thou shalt not kill." She apparently doesn't understand "Separation of Church and state. I said, "BIBLE, Elizabeth... you cannot force YOUR beliefs on anyone else." Of course she doesn't like THAT, "They are not my beliefs...they are God's commandments." Now I'm confused, they are NOT her belief's but God's commandments. SO, what does that mean? Does she  BELIEVE God's commandments? I was always taught TO believe what the Bible says and BELIEVE God's teachings in the Bible... that's what I knew growing up and being raised as Catholic. I didn't think the ask her that, but I will now, "WHAT are YOUR beliefs, ELizabeth?" I responded to her that not everyone in America believes in the BIBLE or the commandments, or even GOD for that matter. That again, she cannot force her belief's on everyone, and this falls under Separation of Church and state. I continued to tell her that many people don't believe in heaven, or God, that one can't condemn, well I guess you can, someone to something when THEY don't believe in it. She said, "They will when they meet their maker." "THEIR MAKER" being the key words there... EXACTLY, THEIR MAKER...doesn't mean it's GOD, or a god. She went on to say, "I am not condemning anyone....they will do it to themselves if they don't except Jesus Christ." THERE it IS..."If they don't except Jesus Christ.." Except!? I know what she was saying, but that little faux pas could be interpreted a whole other wa y.

I responded with "Im not saying YOU are, Elizabeth, just that broad statement you made. It's the PERSON'S CHOICE if they don't ACCEPT Jesus Christ. I believe in God, a high power, angels. I believe like my husband did when he was alive, that when we die, our soul leaves the body and goes where it's needed. I may have been born and raised Catholic, but I surely do not agree with it now." I haven't agreed with it, and had stopped going to the Catholic Church when I was 18, 30 yrs ago. I went on to tell this woman that  I also believe in Karma and don't really believe that if someone doesn't "accept" Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. OH, WHAT did I say that for!?? She BROKE OUT IN PRAYER! ON FACEBOOK even...."In the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority and I bind all evil powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in the netherworld, in nature and in fire. You are Lord over the entire universe and I give you glory and praise you for your creation. In your Name, Lord Jesus Christ, I bind all demonic forces that have come against us and our families and I seal all of us in the protection of your Precious Blood that was shed for us on the cross. Mary, our Mother, we seek your protection and intercession with the Sacred Heart of Jesus for us and our families. Surround us and our families in the battle against all the evil ones that roam the earth. In the name of Jesus Christ and through His Precious Blood, I bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from us, our homes and our lands. We thank you, Lord Jesus, for You are a faithful and compassionate God. Amen" I SWEAR, I had to read her comment a couple times, and tried to figure out what would PROMPT that kind of response. I still don't know, LOL...I said, " OK... I'm still here...not sure if I was supposed to get "burned" or not, LOL" WTH!?

Then my brother pops in again and explains EXACTLY what I talking about, He said, "I believe in GOD and have accepted JESUS as my savior . You don't have to claim a religion to do this . Its a PERSONAL choice i have made . I saw a documentary on the MORMANS on the History channel . I ve also read at length i might add the history of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition . ALL religions are guilty of GENOCIDE . Make your peace with whomever you worship and live with it ." I  THANKED HIM for his response, and told him I agree, it IS a relationship and that hell, when my husband died, I talked to GOD a LOT, even yelled at him and cussed, but I also know if it wasn't for my relationship and faith, PRIMARILY, I wouldn't have made it thus far.

Our mutual friend  had a response that her post was meant towards working toward a solution to HEAL OUR NATION, not to start a debate. Not sure why the other girl had to respond, but she told our friend that intention of posting on your political statement of democrat and republican was to give a reason for our hope which only lies is holiness and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We don't negotiate or make peace with intrinsic evils. She wrote more, but again, I thought I clicked "See more" but did not. :-( Our mutual friend told her AGAIN, it was not a political post as SHE doesn't post political things on FB. WHy don't people get it?!

Apparently Ms. Bible Thumper was accepting NO for an answer, LOL...she said, "you are asking people to be united, right? How do you intend to unite with abortion-killing innocent life and changing God's intention for marriage?" Non bible thumping woman says WHAT!?? SO, we ORIGINALLY went from wanting Peace and Unity, to ABORTION  and now to abortion killing innocent life and changing God's intention for marriage? WOW, ALL OVER THE MAP with this one! does that stop her? NOPE, she continues, "As far as scandalous things, I know who you are speaking of...molesters who were and are amongst other churches, families and schools. Unfortunately, you are forgetting about the many holy priests who out numbered the unholy practices of some priests. There is nothing more scandalous than Catholics defending abortion and gay marriage-redefining marriage. Again, to Heal our nation we need to turn from these scandalous sins." SUCH RIGHT WING RHETORIC...good GRIEF.... I'm thinking she's finished  Could that be it!? um NOPE, when I said, "This thread is why you shouldn't MIX religion with politics...they are two separate things...." Ms. Bible Thumper comes back with, "Normally I would agree. Except when the "state" mandates a Church to separate from its core beliefs. That is called tyranny."

TYRANNY!? Are you KIDDING ME!? I said, "I totally disagree, I think you need to check your facts on what the "state" mandates the catholic church to do, and I believe you REALLY need to check the stats on how many CATHOLIC women actually use some form of birth control, and then come back to..." more cut off, but if I'm not mistaken I was telling her to get back to me, to either firiend request me so we can continue it on my wall, or hers, like our mutual friend requested. FIRST she tells me, " The United Catholic Council of Bishops-UCCB has already published a statement pertaining to the HHS mandate. There are numerous lawsuits pending against the government, stating that this is an infridgement on their freedom of religion. If Catholics choose to disobey the Church teachings on abortion, contraception (often times it's considered the same thing because the birth control pill is an abortificiant) then one is committing a "grave sin". 

RED FLAG...I READ her comment somewhere before, nearly word for word, but cannot for the life of me remember what ONLINE article it was. I've been searching for it, I thought it was a NY times article, but... what struck me was when she said," If Catholics choose to disobey the Church teachings on abortion, contraception (often times it's considered the same thing because the birth control pill is an abortificiant) then one is committing a "grave sin". " and I think it is safe to assume she's talking about Catholic women, how does she explain THIS? http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/02/08/421242/nations-largest-catholic-university-we-offer-a-prescription-contraceptive-benefit/  this article has to do with DePaul University. I would LOVE to ask her, and I asked her to friend request me so we can continue this conversation, but she declined, thinking she had to explain, and saying, "I won't "friend" with enemies of Jesus Christ and His One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. So if anyone is my Facebook friend that is an enemy they can unfriend me." I couldn't help myself, I LITERALLY, LAUGHED OUT LOUD and pretty much told her, in a round about way, she's NUTS. NICELY, I laughed and told her that she was too much, that she preaches and judges and condemns all in one swoop, that it was cool if she didn't want to continue this conversation on either of our walls and let it be known that I dont like FAKE PEOPLE either and to carry on. Having to just have the last word, she says, that she doesn't take any of this personally because my  battle is not with her, that she can see that my  battle is with Jesus.

Um, no it isn't, Jesus and I are cool :-) I talk to him every day, and thank him ALL day for the good things in my life. :-)


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