HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Since I didn't say it before now!

Had a week off from work, it was nice, but in hindsight, went WAY too fast, especially yesterday! I couldn't sleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock, it was 4 am, UGH...I'm tired, but gotta get ready for work in a bit. 

Monday, Nov 19, my brother in law had open heart surgery, a double bypass. SCARY. I hate the month of Nov. He got out of the hospital on Friday, because he was recovering well. Keep him and my sister in your prayers for a continued healing.

I had told my son, that when we're on vacation, we will be cleaning out the garage. On Wednesday, I said, "TODAY, we have to clean the garage." My son chuckles, and says, "You've been saying that almost every day..." so I said, "OK, lets GO!" LOL...He wasn't in the mood, but he did help and he was a big help. While he and I were  doing the garage, my daughter said she would clean out the refrigerators. She too, did an excellent job :-) SO after cleaning the garage, we still have to put out the "to go" stuff, and I think anyone who "dumpster dives" (sans the dumpster) will be happy with their findings. :-)

On one night over the week, we had a family movie night. It wasn't supposed to be like that, but it ended up that way. Of course we saw, BREAKING DAWN Part 2! OMG, WHAT a  movie and it was AWESOME! Now that the saga is over, I feel like something is missing, LOL...I LOVED the books, the movies, the soundtracks, all of it! When there was trouble in Paradise between Rob and Kristin, I was upset by it, and hoped that they would work things out. I hope she NEVER does this again, and if by chance she does, I will have to say what many other people have said, Leave her.

So THANKSGIVING...it was nice. I went to my fiance's sisters house. My daughter and son stayed home, My daughter didn't want to be called into work and be that far from home, so she made dinner at home for her, my son and friends. I missed them, but I understood what she was doing and the reason behind it. I did miss my fiance's brother and his family there though. Hopefully we will be able to see them on Christmas.

Saturday, we hung around home, my fiance was supposed to be off this past weekend, but got mandatoried to work. THAT sucked, but it is what it is, injury and all :-(. When he got home we went BACK to his sisters house for Thanksgiving 2.

SUNDAY went by incredibly fast! Last day of vacation, it just FLEW BY. After breakfast I took a nap, it was a long one apparently, and now that I remember that, it's probably the reason I couldn't sleep last night! After I woke up from my nap, I made dinner then I made my fiance his PBJ sandwiches for the week. Went to chat and visit with my fiance, (he lives next door to me) then called it a night...with the intention of going to sleep when I got home, but the last time I had looked at the clock, it said, 4am. :-( until my alarm went off at 530am, for which I kept hitting snooze and didn't wake up until nearly 7am :-)

Hope you all have been doing well! Did I tell you I was thinking of writing a book?

TTFN, have a GREAT day!!!


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