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HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Since I didn't say it before now!

Had a week off from work, it was nice, but in hindsight, went WAY too fast, especially yesterday! I couldn't sleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock, it was 4 am, UGH...I'm tired, but gotta get ready for work in a bit. 
Monday, Nov 19, my brother in law had open heart surgery, a double bypass. SCARY. I hate the month of Nov. He got out of the hospital on Friday, because he was recovering well. Keep him and my sister in your prayers for a continued healing.
I had told my son, that when we're on vacation, we will be cleaning out the garage. On Wednesday, I said, "TODAY, we have to clean the garage." My son chuckles, and says, "You've been saying that almost every day..." so I said, "OK, lets GO!" LOL...He wasn't in the mood, but he did help and he was a big help. While he and I were  doing the garage, my daughter said she would clean out the refrigerators. She too, did an excellent j…

Melissa Harris-Perry

I was watching her show this morning, (on MSNBC), while making phone calls, and while I couldn't hear ALL that was being said, I did catch the jist of the conversation she was having with a guest, in regards to the Maine Rep. Party Chairman, Charlie Webster, when he said "there are no black people in Maine" and had this wild accusation of voter fraud!  Did you all catch that!? If not, here ya go...

Apparently, he has since apologized for this assinine conspiracy,

So Melissa had guest, Shay Stewart-Bouley, who writes a blog named, "Black Girl In Maine" aka "BGIM." I'm posting a link to her blog, hope you all get a chance to read her blog!


That means, "So Happy It's Thursday" :-) I think it's been the longest short week I have ever had! I am SO GLAD tomorrow is FRIDAY! I am so glad this week is almost over that I am drinking a little cup of Egg Nog with Brandy. I don't have to go ANYWHERE until tomorrow morning, and I deserve this! :-)

Hope you bloggers out in blogosphere are doing well!! Will write again tomorrow or soon enough :-)


THIS is Why Republicans Lost the Election

To Tea Party Patriots and hardcore Religious Engineers:

Republicans lost because their party leadership and most candidates feared you, listened to you, and looked the other way on important issues as you picked the dumbest, craziest nominees in key primaries (Murdock and Akin), or converted otherwise sensible, experienced candidates to Crazy Town (Romney).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting limit
ed government. I do. There’s nothing wrong with believing in God, the Golden Rule, or wanting to reduce abortions. I do, too. But you’ve taken it too damn far and scare the shit out of people you could otherwise persuade.
Yes, the message and messenger matter (you’re failing at both, BTW), but no Madison Avenue P.R. firm, K Street lobbying firm, Fox News “analyst”, or local chapter of “Freedom Works” can sell the flaming dung you’re slinging.
Smart people can lose. But smart people always learn.
You didn’t lose because you “weren’t conservative enough” or because the country has become full of l…

Stacy Dash: Her 1344 word rant

The other day I woke up and watched my daughter sleep, so sound, so perfectly at peace. A thousand thoughts and memories flashed through my mind. I remember being a child of that age, with no concept of adulthood and the responsibilities we take on with maturity. Now I know the weight of those responsibilities, of being a parent, a working woman, and it frigh
tened me.

As a single Mother my main concern is for providing for my children and myself. It is especially important to me that they have the opportunity to attend college. This is what I’ve worked so hard for. I have, like many other citizens of the United States, been worried and upset by the tremendous downturn in the economy, and the slow path to recovery.

I freely admit that presidential politics was not something I had much time for before the 2000 election. With Gore and Bush fighting out to the last hanging chad, it was an experience that made me tu…

Church, God, Religion, Relationship

By the time I was 18 yrs old, I was bored with the Catholic Church. I went because I was living at home and had to.At 18, my boss at the time, asked me to go to church with her. It was an Assembly of God Church. I said ok, asked her what I should wear, because I was raised to wear a DRESS every Sunday to church. That's how it was growing up. Not this particular morning, I was told by my boss that I can wear whatever I was comfy in. COOL, I had pants on. WELL... my dad had asked where I was going and when I told him to church, he asked WHY was I wearing pants. I told him a friend had asked me to go with her to her Church and she told me I could wear whatever I wanted. He asked where the Church was, I told him Whittier, (I was in La Mirada at the time) and he asked what KIND of Church it was, I said, "Assembly of God." He immediately said, "Well, just as you turned your back on the ROMAN CATHOLIC GOD, Don't ever come to me for anything..." I was stunned. I sa…

A status on KARMA on FB...

What I know about karma...

Karma per se is irreconcilable with Christianity, because it is fundamentally bound up with the doctrine of reincarnation, which is contrary to Christian philosophy (Hebrews 9:27). However, that is not to say that we don't, in some way, suffer for the sins we commit. 
"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him f
or the things done while in the body, whether good or bad." (2 Corinthians 5:10)
Also, God punishes the sons whom he loves so that we might become righteous (Hebrews 12:5-11). 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 shows how on the Judgment Day our work (deeds) will be tested, and that of passing value will be burned up, and that of lasting value will remain, and we will escape as through fire. We call this Purgatory, from the word for cleansing (i.e. purgation).

In Catholic Christianity, there are two effects to sins:
•the eternal and the temporal.

The first pertains to our fundamental relationsh…

Politics and Religion....

So yesterday, a friend posted on her wall about wanting Americans to put aside their differences, especially after the election, and come together and Unite after Natural disasters, and work towards a solution to unite us all again. I thought it was a great post, I liked it, and my response to it was " yes, as I watched a video of a riot in MS because President Obama won...or reading Donald Trumps (a parent, grandparent) tweets about how "we" cant let this happen and to March in Washington, and talk about revolution. It wasn't a political post, but in a way it was, because we ALL have to be on the same page to want peace and unity, but with people out there like Donald Trump and other RIGHTIES who are losing their mind because President Obama won a 2nd term, and I believe would HINDER any PEACE or UNITY anyone worked towards, and NO WHERE, did Donald Trump say anything about Abortion. I told my brother that if we are to "unite" and we got people like HIM,…

The Ageless Wisdom as taught by Michael Benner



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