OK, so it’s been a little crazy…late last week, my cable box went out, Just kaput. Then, Sunday, my cell phone decides to play games and continuously reboots itself, over and over and over again. I drove to Sprint, by 10am, the time they open, only to realize it was Sunday and they actually open up at 11am! GRRR, so I drive my daughter, who was with me, down to WinCo, a GREAT store! She get the stuff she needs to bake cookies for co workers. I drive her back home, drop her off and head back to Sprint, because about now, they are close to opening.

I get to Sprint and have to wait about 6-7 minutes, a LONG time when it is HOT out.My representative works on my phone, says he doesn’t want me to have to wait 2 hours for the techs to look at it. He resets my phone, we chat, and I’m off, on my way home.

I’m driving not even a quarter mile and suddenly, my car starts acting up, sputtering, RPM’s are going nuts, I’m not moving, well, I am, but I’m coasting because if I step on the gas, they make my rpms go higher. So I coast down the street, I’m pissed, I can’t believe what’s happening to my car, since I had it in the shop LAST weekend. I finally coast to a stop. I can’t reach anybody by phone, I wasn’t able to download my contacts because I couldn’t remember my password to do so, I called my love, but he wasn’t answering, I called 4 times in 5 minutes before he answered on the 4th attempt, LOL…I told him what was going on to which he said he was on his way. In the meantime, I’m calling onstar, telling them to run a diagnostics test on my car, they do and come back with 2 major issues,  mind you, my car has over 36,000 miles on it, and I’ve had it since 2008, it IS a 2008. I told them I needed a tow, and they asked which company I had for insurance, I kept saying Triple A, it sounded right! The Onstar gal said, “well, isn’t that Auto Club?” I said, “no…NO, that’s not who I have!” For the life of me, I could NOT remember my insurance company name! THEN, she tells me that I have free towing thru Onstar! COOL! Let’s HOOK AND BOOK…about an hour later! LOL…Thank GOD, by this time, my LOVE and his son are with me.

We get the car to my house, which was a few minutes drive, literally down the street and around the corner, or two  HOME AT LAST….and I have ALLSTATE, the GOOD HANDS people, and it was MAYHEM for me during all this. I just could not believe something happened to my car.

SO, TODAY….I call for a tow again. We got to the dealership a little about 730am. The service writer man, walks to where my car was dropped off at, gets in it, turns it on and drives to the service bay! I was DUMBFOUNDED! He’s laid back in the driver seat, Joe Cool-ish, and said “What did you say was wrong with your car!?” I said, you must have the magic touch because it did not start or move yesterday!” So he said he was going to take it back to the repair shop, the engine light came on, so he tries to make a u turn, but is too wide, and has to back up…OOPS! Now he can’t, car won’t move in reverse! I CRACKED UP! He had to get pushed back so he can maneuver the turn, then drove back to the repair area. We had a good laugh at that, when he came back to his little cubbyhole where he works.

I finally got a hold of him at 330pm, and was told the tranny has to be dropped, and I have no idea what else. Good news is it’s all covered under warranty! WOO HOO!!! I have to go tomorrow morning to see if I can get a FREE rental too, Keep your fingers crossed!

MAN, what a weekend! THANK GOD my love is on vacation this week as he is now taking our kids to either work or school! Well, that is, until I get the rental, LOL…HMMMM  

Have a GREAT night!!

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