First full week

So, I had a pretty good first full week at work. The kids are their grooves, not a bad thing, and in some cases, not a good thing, LOL. We DO remember some of the 5th graders from last year when they were 4th graders….

So last week, at the beginning of the week, I was told by a 4th grader that his classmates were making fun of him, because he can talk to ghosts/spirits. I told the kids to stop, that wasn’t nice and can be a form of bullying, which is not tolerated at school. To the 4th grader, I said “that is cool, everyone has a special gift, and I believe in yours.” Seems he hasn’t been hassled anymore.

Yesterday, I had a group of kids around me and a little boy was looking at my work ID picture. He said, “is THAT YOU?!” I said yes and asked him why he sounded soy surprised and he said, “you look so young!” LMAO

PERSONALLY, I think I look younger now than I did 6 yrs ago, when the picture was taken, maybe it’s just my mirrors, LMAO…

ANYWAY, it’s been so HOT here, triple digits, and yesterday, I was sick, at work and then after work at home, not fun. I feel better today, so much so that I will be working on housework, etc…and try to stay cool and hydrated!

I wish you, Readers, a GREAT DAY!!


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