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This is absolutely disgusting, and unfortunately, this is the SECOND priest I know of, while growing up, who's been accused of this! One was a priest at the elementary school I went to, and this one is from high school. :-(

First full week

So, I had a pretty good first full week at work. The kids are their grooves, not a bad thing, and in some cases, not a good thing, LOL. We DO remember some of the 5th graders from last year when they were 4th graders….

So last week, at the beginning of the week, I was told by a 4th grader that his classmates were making fun of him, because he can talk to ghosts/spirits. I told the kids to stop, that wasn’t nice and can be a form of bullying, which is not tolerated at school. To the 4th grader, I said “that is cool, everyone has a special gift, and I believe in yours.” Seems he hasn’t been hassled anymore.

Yesterday, I had a group of kids around me and a little boy was looking at my work ID picture. He said, “is THAT YOU?!” I said yes and asked him why he sounded soy surprised and he said, “you look so young!” LMAO

PERSONALLY, I think I look younger now than I did 6 yrs ago, when the picture was taken, maybe it’s just my mirrors, LMAO…

ANYWAY, it’s been so HOT here, triple …


My ex is NOT a real dad, he owes me nearly $25,000. My HUSBAND was a real dad. My husbands ex loved say how she had to take him back to court to get him to pay. The fact was, my husband paid his ex over $1000, unfortunately, it was cash. His ex was not truthful about it, so my husband got jammed for it again. SECONDLY, when their divorce was final, wage garnishment was already LAW, so neither of them had a choice. I guess it just made her feel good, LOL Her lies are why, I believe, the reason she didn’t get what she wanted at any time

I believe in ANGELS :-)