Weekend Gone By....

What a nice weekend it was! Didn’t have anything planned really, just did what I wanted. Friday, went to go visit a long time friend. We chatted about life, work, whatever, had Steel Magnolia’s playing in the background,  and just glad that we reconnected again, THANKS to FACEBOOK! See, it’s good for something! LOL

Saturday day, I, along with my male child and a friend of his, put a book case together so the books I had in the hall way have a new home, LOL…AND I told my male child to LEAVE MY SHIT alone, LOL …He thought he would do something and rearrange my front room, while I was gone, but I caught him in the act, as he was moving my other book case with books still in the bottom shelf, therefore it didn’t last.  I’m sure he meant well, and it bugged him my books were in the hallway, but hey, they WOULDN’T have been had THEY been left alone  Yes, it’s white, but I actually kinda like it

Sunday, just relaxed most of the day, until later in the afternoon and my love called me asking if I was ready to run errands with him and his son and I happily said yes.

It was just a nice, quiet, enjoyable weekend!



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