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Single Parenting

I really couldn’t believe when I found something on this. Earlier yesterday, I had read something stating the Republicans wanted to make Single Parenthood ILLEGAL, because it is a form of child abuse…SAY WHAT!?

They want to take our reproductive decisions away from us, apparently the GOP thinks that we women cannot decide what is best for us, for ourselves, and they are trying to tell us that us “single parents” are abusing our children!

Some people are single because it’s a matter of life or death for them, as in a violent marriage, Some people are single because their spouse died, some are single because they just wanted a child and are able to raise the child on their own. There are a myriad of reason’s why single parents are sing, so HOW in the HELL can the GOP even THINK of regulating something like that?


Isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. We have intermittent cell phone service because of a downed tower. We can go away from the house, and have service, weird and frustrating, but nothing here at home, grrr….

Today, I am taking my son to register him for 10th grade, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?

I am super excited to be going back to work next week! Not excited about the heat, but it’s part of the job

Have a GREAT, HOT & HUMID day! Stay hydrated!!!

Until next time…

The Angry EX

I dealt with one of those when I was married. I don’t have to deal with one of those anymore, but BOY, the stories…I’ve written about some of it on here, just check out the earlier archives...

Weekend Gone By....

What a nice weekend it was! Didn’t have anything planned really, just did what I wanted. Friday, went to go visit a long time friend. We chatted about life, work, whatever, had Steel Magnolia’s playing in the background,  and just glad that we reconnected again, THANKS to FACEBOOK! See, it’s good for something! LOL

Saturday day, I, along with my male child and a friend of his, put a book case together so the books I had in the hall way have a new home, LOL…AND I told my male child to LEAVE MY SHIT alone, LOL …He thought he would do something and rearrange my front room, while I was gone, but I caught him in the act, as he was moving my other book case with books still in the bottom shelf, therefore it didn’t last.  I’m sure he meant well, and it bugged him my books were in the hallway, but hey, they WOULDN’T have been had THEY been left alone  Yes, it’s white, but I actually kinda like it

Sunday, just relaxed most of the day, until later in the afternoon and my love called me asking …

The Devil Came out to Downey....

and knock on my door...GRRRR. Unfortunately, I was in the bathroom. My daughter answers the door and she right off the bat tells her, "your mom and I are still fussin'..." My daughter immediately came to the bathroom door to tell me who was here, she was shocked and didn't know why or even understand why the hell this bitch was at my house.  She talked to both my kids, gave them both hugs.

I have at least two numbers for this broad, from all the shit she started back in Jan/Feb. with me, telling me I better watch my back, so I sent a text to both numbers in my phone and told her, "NO, (her name) we aren't fussing we've had no contact since January/Feb. Stay the DUCK away from my house. You don't miss my kids, you haven't seen them or have had any contact with them in over a year or more.  STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY HOUSE." My cell didn't recognize the F word, so I had to add the last sentence.

She wrote me back from the second number I …