There is a special place in hell for people like you, who ABSOLUTELY refuse to pay their child support and live off of welfare. (*General Relief*) You owe $24,275.54, you get paid a little more than $203 per month and yet you can't PAY the PALTRY PITTANCE of $10 per month towards the arrearages that YOU agreed to, back in 2008! YOU live in a house that YOU inherited, that is in the family trust fund and yet you still can't pay your FUCKING $10 a month.

OH, yeah, you went into the child support office in November, to try and make a payment, but apparently it wasn't enough, so they don't accept it. THAT is THEIR BAD, those stupid idiots!

What's incredibly sad is you went from THIS picture from Sept  26, 1992, my 10 yr high school reunion,

to that, the bottom picture is from your very last visit with your daughter, on 6-12-1994.

The BEST thing that came of out of OUR relationship was MY DAUGHTER. ME, I, with the help of my HUSBAND, until HIS death when she was 12, RAISED HER. My fiance, Kai has helped as well, picking up where my husband left off, and where have YOU been!? NO WHERE. YOU never visited, never called, NO acknowledgment of her birthdays N O T H I N G, OH wait, until you tried to CLAIM her on your taxes, one year, which didn't work out TOO well for ya. THIS was her daddy and always will be in her heart and in her mind,  the one who talked with her, taught her things, LOVED HER UNCONDITIONALLY. YOU, DEADBEAT, were just the SPERM DONOR.....


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