Book on Parental Alienation by Goldie Hawn's ex husband....
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Bill Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s Ex, Pens Book on Parental Alienation, Praises Fathers and Families
January 24th, 2012 by FAF Staff

Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, circa 1976.

Bill Hudson, father of Kate and Oliver Hudson and the ex-husband of Goldie Hawn, has authored a new book, Two Versions, in which he claims he was alienated from his children by his ex-wife.

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There is good news though. Based on all of the cases he has seen, Glenn says, “It’s not uncommon for alienated children to reunite with fathers when they are older. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous reunification brought on because of a life-altering event that makes one party reach out and try to reconnect. It could be money for college, the birth of their own child, or they feel the absence of a grandparent. Sometimes children grow up and go through their own divorces and then find out what can happen. It helps them see things differently.”   ------------------------------------- My "former" stepkids will never get this chance, because my husband died before they could get a chance. My husbands ex wife once said that my husband probably wouldn't be there for their children's weddings or birth of children, and ya know, she was right? (Is she a WITCH!?) He died in Nov 2005, 5 months after my stepdaughter turned 18. My stepdaughter married in Oct 2008 and had a baby a year later...


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