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So, on June 15th, I wrote the Dept of Child support services, and requested they pursue Misdemeanor Criminal Charges against my ex for failure to pay his child support or ANYTHING towards arrears, as agreed upon at our last court hearing in 2008. I hadn’t checked the website for a response until now.

On June 18th, they responded with, “Good Morning. This case doesn’t qualify for criminal charges as of now. “Mr.R” is receiving a needs-based cash grant, so this case wouldn’t qualify. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please call (866) ***-****. Thank you.”

He is receiving a “needs-based cash grant” huh? AMAZING…well, “Isn’t that special” SMMFH..

Book on Parental Alienation by Goldie Hawn's ex husband....


Bill Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s Ex, Pens Book on Parental Alienation, Praises Fathers and Families
January 24th, 2012 by FAF Staff

Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, circa 1976.

Bill Hudson, father of Kate and Oliver Hudson and the ex-husband of Goldie Hawn, has authored a new book, Two Versions, in which he claims he was alienated from his children by his ex-wife.


There is good news though. Based on all of the cases he has seen, Glenn says, “It’s not uncommon for alienated children to reunite with fathers when they are older. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous reunification brought on because of a life-altering event that makes one party reach out and try to reconnect. It could be money for college, the birth of their own child, or they feel the absence of a grandparent. Sometimes children grow up and go through their own divorces and t…


There is a special place in hell for people like you, who ABSOLUTELY refuse to pay their child support and live off of welfare. (*General Relief*) You owe $24,275.54, you get paid a little more than $203 per month and yet you can't PAY the PALTRY PITTANCE of $10 per month towards the arrearages that YOU agreed to, back in 2008! YOU live in a house that YOU inherited, that is in the family trust fund and yet you still can't pay your FUCKING $10 a month.
OH, yeah, you went into the child support office in November, to try and make a payment, but apparently it wasn't enough, so they don't accept it. THAT is THEIR BAD, those stupid idiots!
What's incredibly sad is you went from THIS picture from Sept  26, 1992, my 10 yr high school reunion,

to that, the bottom picture is from your very last visit with your daughter, on 6-12-1994.
The BEST thing that came of out of OUR relationship was MY DAUGHTER. ME, I, with the help of my HUSBAND, until HIS death when she was 12, RA…