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I'm BAAACK! :-)

Well, had a little vacation from being on line at home, my modem died last week and now it’s finally up and running again. Such a little box, why so much trouble setting it up, SHEESH… oh well, that was last night, TODAY is a new day, and WHAT a day it has been so far, DAMN…

SO last week was my first week, being a homemaker…it has it’s good moments and bad, but I really miss working and I can hardly wait until I get back to work next fall.

ANYWAY, I will write more later….HAPPY HUMP DAY!!


Well, since I posted last, apparently, the 21st day of February, I’ve aged another year…but just like fine wine, I’m only BETTER 
Hope all is well with everyone whom might come across this little blog of mine. 
Since I wrote last, my life is changing again. I can’t really say all details, but it will be another learning experience, and it could possibly be exactly what was intended, working for the school district and getting certified like I had to. I wouldn’t/couldn’t have known this at the time, 6 yrs ago, but it’s what makes sense. SO, I look forward to this new adventure experience, but I DO miss my little ones and teachers  at my job.
I had also been sick with my asthma, allergies and sinuses. THAT hasn’t been fun. For someone who uses their inhaler no more than 5 times a year, IF THAT, to needing to use it every day…this crazy CALIFORNIA weather is something else, “freezing cold” one day, to 85+ the next, and too many days like that, something was bound to happen.
My love and …