Beautiful weather here today, in Sunny So Cal! It’s warming up to 72 today

Things have been going decent..started off rough this week, but it’s evened out so far. Did ya have a nice Valentines Day? Mine was nice, got a gift bag from my daughter with some chocolate, also got a fruit container with chocolate covered strawberries and a candied apple  OH, and my sweet child bought me BREAKING DAWN, YEAH!

Due to money being tight, non existent anyway at this moment, the kids presents will be late, but my daughter and my fiancee were BOTH there for me this week and for THAT, I will be forever grateful.

Been doing a lot of sorting out, throwing out, and “to shred” piling. It’s been NICE to clean up. Can hardly wait until I’m finished!  I had always heard, “If you haven’t looked at it in a year, toss it.” My problem is, I look at it, put it “away” and don’t think about it until I’m going through stuff, and then I have to REALLY clean it out. It’s annoying, and something I’m trying to change about me. I have a shredder by my front door so that when I get the mail, the junk mail will just go into the shredder and I’ll be done with it. I just have to find an empty outlet to plug it in, lol…

It’s another long weekend for us. My fiancee is off Sunday-Tuesday, YEAH!!! HAPPY about that! My Valentines day was postponed until this weekend, so I’m pretty excited to see what he has planned.

Well, That’s about it for me for the moment! It’s still early, LOL…Hope you all have a great day! Until next time!


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