DO Dead Men Talk??

“Why is she doing this, when he is dead and can’t defend himself?” (Russell Armstrong’s sister about Taylor’s claim of physical abuse.)


I can understand Ms. Armstrong’s question. I have wondered that myself so very often. My husband’s ex wife, just after he died, went on my website and that of a friends and spoke ill of him. Why? He’s dead and can’t defend himself. So, as his wife-widow, I felt it was MY position to stand up for him, and respond to the bullshit and nonsense she was saying about it.

Well, apparently, it has come up again, only this time, it is concerning a former co worker of his. The latter part of January, this co worker stated she called the Postal Police on me. She told a mutual friend that the Postal Police “want to interview the employees that were close to keith to get history.” to get history of WHAT? LOL…Not that I’m afraid or anything but then this former co worker went on to say, “ Pat will get in serious trouble ” Um, again, really? for what? So I welcomed the threat. I know I haven’t done anything to warrant the drama some people seem to thrive on, and I believe the TRUTH always wins out and that PICTURES are worth 1000′s of words, so I THANK YOU, co worker, for sending the pictures back to us. I also know how my husband and I and then of me to continue to send in “Goodies” and sandwiches (for Easter) for the office. I know I was even referred to as “Cookie Mama” because of all the goodies I used to bring to show our appreciation, and I also know that at one time, someone asked why I didn’t bring in goodies anymore. That person was told because I was working now. NOW, it will never happen because the “Co worker” who has contacted the Postal Police, who is a NON SUPERVISOR or anyone of management, has stated that I am not to show up on the Postal property like I used to. No worries, there are plenty of other post offices where I can do my business at, hell, even the STORES sell stamps now, LOL.

What I also know is that his “co workers” including the one who notified the Postal Police, NEVER spent time with us outside the post office anymore than a handful of times, if that many. Sure, some have come over for a party we would have, but more often than not, my family would go to a couple postal functions THEY would have where ever that would be. That didn’t happen all that much either. While my husband was a hard worker, he did appreciate and love his family time and home time. In fact, after he died and after his funeral, I told the post office THANK YOU for letting me have my husband home when they did.  Ironically, the BIGGEST issue we had was dealing with his ex wife.

After my husband died, this particular scorned co worker was there not consistently, but a few times, for us. She said my children will tell anyone how she loved them, etc…but my children are not stupid and know how often she was there for them or how much “quality time” she spent with them. They also know what her part is in the problems between us and this mutual friend and I have.

I’m not sure what her plan is, but I will go on with my life. I will not stress over it, she can do what she wants. She can sell her boat, she can work as a phone sex operator for money as one of her co workers said she has the voice for, and she can go on FB and ask for $4000 to save her house or whatever.

TRUTH ALWAYS wins out…


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