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Vacation, Medical and Newtown CT....

Yesterday was my last day of work for 2 weeks. Like I've always said, It's not good for my finances, but it's great for my peace and piece of mind :-) I don't have plans, specifically, just whatever we do, we do. It's just nice to refresh my mind every now and then, working with 500+ kids every day.

Since finding out I am now a diabetic, I've been taking my readings every morning and they've been good. I thought for sure that this morning's reading was going to be HIGH because I had a piece of bbq rib late last night, but THANK GOD,  my reading was real good, 105. :-) WHEW! Since finding out, and starting meds, I've been feeling 100% than I was before. I was tired, tired tired, thinking my thyroid medicine needed upping, but that wasn't it. I don't know that I have more energy, but I have MORE than what I did before. I feel almost normal, just wish it didn't take meds to get me there. :-) Other than that, I'm healthy :-)

The shooting…


This is so husband saved it, and may have even shared it with his ex, LOL...

It's been a week....

And it hasn't been all that fun...but I wake up every morning, giving thanks for another day!

Dec. 6th I was dx with Diabetes. I was sad, but it runs in my family, and apparently, I couldn't escape it. Neither has my older brother. I told him, "we got dad's disease, (older sis) got Mom's..." More things my kids will have to watch out for. I did take my blood sugar reading since Dec 7th, and this morning it was perfect at 90. It's been consistently less than 120 for 5 out of out days. That's good, I think :-)
ANYWAY, my neighbor has let me borrow her diabetes cookbooks, meals and desserts. It all looks DELICIOUS!! I look forward to making some of the recipes. I also signed up for classes, which start in January, though now I'm not sure I can take the Sign language class I want to...I'll have to see. 
I think I was sold a Lemon when I bought my 2008 Saturn Outlook. I have had to have it in the shop for Tranny problems twice in less than 2 months…

Where has the year gone!??

December already! WHAT!? how did this happen?? Am I so busy that life is just passing me by? I don't think so, but PLEASE, STOP THE WORLD for a MINUTE...seems the older I get, the faster the years go by, and, well, quite frankly,  I think that's bullshit and don't like it, not one bit, but I guess, in reality, there is nothing I can do about it, just go along and enjoy the ride! :-)

LIFE is fine at the moment. Well, my car isn't, and I have a rental. Funny, I got a text from my neighbor this morning, who said, "I meant to tell you yesterday, I like your old car better!" HUH? my old car? I didn't buy a new one. My "old car" Bessie is only 4 yrs old, and running a little rough, so she is in the shop for repairs or re-repairs I should say. (possible lemon law deal here) but I will get her back in a day or two, I HOPE. :-) Not that it should matter to my neighbor, LOL

Female child is doing good. Working, getting ready to take some classes at the Adu…

HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Since I didn't say it before now!

Had a week off from work, it was nice, but in hindsight, went WAY too fast, especially yesterday! I couldn't sleep last night and the last time I looked at the clock, it was 4 am, UGH...I'm tired, but gotta get ready for work in a bit. 
Monday, Nov 19, my brother in law had open heart surgery, a double bypass. SCARY. I hate the month of Nov. He got out of the hospital on Friday, because he was recovering well. Keep him and my sister in your prayers for a continued healing.
I had told my son, that when we're on vacation, we will be cleaning out the garage. On Wednesday, I said, "TODAY, we have to clean the garage." My son chuckles, and says, "You've been saying that almost every day..." so I said, "OK, lets GO!" LOL...He wasn't in the mood, but he did help and he was a big help. While he and I were  doing the garage, my daughter said she would clean out the refrigerators. She too, did an excellent j…

Melissa Harris-Perry

I was watching her show this morning, (on MSNBC), while making phone calls, and while I couldn't hear ALL that was being said, I did catch the jist of the conversation she was having with a guest, in regards to the Maine Rep. Party Chairman, Charlie Webster, when he said "there are no black people in Maine" and had this wild accusation of voter fraud!  Did you all catch that!? If not, here ya go...

Apparently, he has since apologized for this assinine conspiracy,

So Melissa had guest, Shay Stewart-Bouley, who writes a blog named, "Black Girl In Maine" aka "BGIM." I'm posting a link to her blog, hope you all get a chance to read her blog!


That means, "So Happy It's Thursday" :-) I think it's been the longest short week I have ever had! I am SO GLAD tomorrow is FRIDAY! I am so glad this week is almost over that I am drinking a little cup of Egg Nog with Brandy. I don't have to go ANYWHERE until tomorrow morning, and I deserve this! :-)

Hope you bloggers out in blogosphere are doing well!! Will write again tomorrow or soon enough :-)


THIS is Why Republicans Lost the Election

To Tea Party Patriots and hardcore Religious Engineers:

Republicans lost because their party leadership and most candidates feared you, listened to you, and looked the other way on important issues as you picked the dumbest, craziest nominees in key primaries (Murdock and Akin), or converted otherwise sensible, experienced candidates to Crazy Town (Romney).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting limit
ed government. I do. There’s nothing wrong with believing in God, the Golden Rule, or wanting to reduce abortions. I do, too. But you’ve taken it too damn far and scare the shit out of people you could otherwise persuade.
Yes, the message and messenger matter (you’re failing at both, BTW), but no Madison Avenue P.R. firm, K Street lobbying firm, Fox News “analyst”, or local chapter of “Freedom Works” can sell the flaming dung you’re slinging.
Smart people can lose. But smart people always learn.
You didn’t lose because you “weren’t conservative enough” or because the country has become full of l…

Stacy Dash: Her 1344 word rant

The other day I woke up and watched my daughter sleep, so sound, so perfectly at peace. A thousand thoughts and memories flashed through my mind. I remember being a child of that age, with no concept of adulthood and the responsibilities we take on with maturity. Now I know the weight of those responsibilities, of being a parent, a working woman, and it frigh
tened me.

As a single Mother my main concern is for providing for my children and myself. It is especially important to me that they have the opportunity to attend college. This is what I’ve worked so hard for. I have, like many other citizens of the United States, been worried and upset by the tremendous downturn in the economy, and the slow path to recovery.

I freely admit that presidential politics was not something I had much time for before the 2000 election. With Gore and Bush fighting out to the last hanging chad, it was an experience that made me tu…

Church, God, Religion, Relationship

By the time I was 18 yrs old, I was bored with the Catholic Church. I went because I was living at home and had to.At 18, my boss at the time, asked me to go to church with her. It was an Assembly of God Church. I said ok, asked her what I should wear, because I was raised to wear a DRESS every Sunday to church. That's how it was growing up. Not this particular morning, I was told by my boss that I can wear whatever I was comfy in. COOL, I had pants on. WELL... my dad had asked where I was going and when I told him to church, he asked WHY was I wearing pants. I told him a friend had asked me to go with her to her Church and she told me I could wear whatever I wanted. He asked where the Church was, I told him Whittier, (I was in La Mirada at the time) and he asked what KIND of Church it was, I said, "Assembly of God." He immediately said, "Well, just as you turned your back on the ROMAN CATHOLIC GOD, Don't ever come to me for anything..." I was stunned. I sa…

A status on KARMA on FB...

What I know about karma...

Karma per se is irreconcilable with Christianity, because it is fundamentally bound up with the doctrine of reincarnation, which is contrary to Christian philosophy (Hebrews 9:27). However, that is not to say that we don't, in some way, suffer for the sins we commit. 
"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him f
or the things done while in the body, whether good or bad." (2 Corinthians 5:10)
Also, God punishes the sons whom he loves so that we might become righteous (Hebrews 12:5-11). 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 shows how on the Judgment Day our work (deeds) will be tested, and that of passing value will be burned up, and that of lasting value will remain, and we will escape as through fire. We call this Purgatory, from the word for cleansing (i.e. purgation).

In Catholic Christianity, there are two effects to sins:
•the eternal and the temporal.

The first pertains to our fundamental relationsh…

Politics and Religion....

So yesterday, a friend posted on her wall about wanting Americans to put aside their differences, especially after the election, and come together and Unite after Natural disasters, and work towards a solution to unite us all again. I thought it was a great post, I liked it, and my response to it was " yes, as I watched a video of a riot in MS because President Obama won...or reading Donald Trumps (a parent, grandparent) tweets about how "we" cant let this happen and to March in Washington, and talk about revolution. It wasn't a political post, but in a way it was, because we ALL have to be on the same page to want peace and unity, but with people out there like Donald Trump and other RIGHTIES who are losing their mind because President Obama won a 2nd term, and I believe would HINDER any PEACE or UNITY anyone worked towards, and NO WHERE, did Donald Trump say anything about Abortion. I told my brother that if we are to "unite" and we got people like HIM,…

The Ageless Wisdom as taught by Michael Benner



OOOOH YEAH.... :-)



A little Saturday Funny :-D


McDonald's NEEDS a UNION!

I know this is an old article, but what my daughter is goes through at times, a union would be GREAT!!
Teens organize first-ever union at McDonald's |

Educate Yourself.... Sharing a little history during this election year, full of Racism and Hatred…

Educate yourselves....
Sharing a little history during this election year, full of Racism and Hatred...


OK, so it’s been a little crazy…late last week, my cable box went out, Just kaput. Then, Sunday, my cell phone decides to play games and continuously reboots itself, over and over and over again. I drove to Sprint, by 10am, the time they open, only to realize it was Sunday and they actually open up at 11am! GRRR, so I drive my daughter, who was with me, down to WinCo, a GREAT store! She get the stuff she needs to bake cookies for co workers. I drive her back home, drop her off and head back to Sprint, because about now, they are close to opening.

I get to Sprint and have to wait about 6-7 minutes, a LONG time when it is HOT out.My representative works on my phone, says he doesn’t want me to have to wait 2 hours for the techs to look at it. He resets my phone, we chat, and I’m off, on my way home.

I’m driving not even a quarter mile and suddenly, my car starts acting up, sputtering, RPM’s are going nuts, I’m not moving, well, I am, but I’m coasting because if I step on the gas, they m…


This is absolutely disgusting, and unfortunately, this is the SECOND priest I know of, while growing up, who's been accused of this! One was a priest at the elementary school I went to, and this one is from high school. :-(

First full week

So, I had a pretty good first full week at work. The kids are their grooves, not a bad thing, and in some cases, not a good thing, LOL. We DO remember some of the 5th graders from last year when they were 4th graders….

So last week, at the beginning of the week, I was told by a 4th grader that his classmates were making fun of him, because he can talk to ghosts/spirits. I told the kids to stop, that wasn’t nice and can be a form of bullying, which is not tolerated at school. To the 4th grader, I said “that is cool, everyone has a special gift, and I believe in yours.” Seems he hasn’t been hassled anymore.

Yesterday, I had a group of kids around me and a little boy was looking at my work ID picture. He said, “is THAT YOU?!” I said yes and asked him why he sounded soy surprised and he said, “you look so young!” LMAO

PERSONALLY, I think I look younger now than I did 6 yrs ago, when the picture was taken, maybe it’s just my mirrors, LMAO…

ANYWAY, it’s been so HOT here, triple …


My ex is NOT a real dad, he owes me nearly $25,000. My HUSBAND was a real dad. My husbands ex loved say how she had to take him back to court to get him to pay. The fact was, my husband paid his ex over $1000, unfortunately, it was cash. His ex was not truthful about it, so my husband got jammed for it again. SECONDLY, when their divorce was final, wage garnishment was already LAW, so neither of them had a choice. I guess it just made her feel good, LOL Her lies are why, I believe, the reason she didn’t get what she wanted at any time

I believe in ANGELS :-)

Single Parenting

I really couldn’t believe when I found something on this. Earlier yesterday, I had read something stating the Republicans wanted to make Single Parenthood ILLEGAL, because it is a form of child abuse…SAY WHAT!?

They want to take our reproductive decisions away from us, apparently the GOP thinks that we women cannot decide what is best for us, for ourselves, and they are trying to tell us that us “single parents” are abusing our children!

Some people are single because it’s a matter of life or death for them, as in a violent marriage, Some people are single because their spouse died, some are single because they just wanted a child and are able to raise the child on their own. There are a myriad of reason’s why single parents are sing, so HOW in the HELL can the GOP even THINK of regulating something like that?


Isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. We have intermittent cell phone service because of a downed tower. We can go away from the house, and have service, weird and frustrating, but nothing here at home, grrr….

Today, I am taking my son to register him for 10th grade, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?

I am super excited to be going back to work next week! Not excited about the heat, but it’s part of the job

Have a GREAT, HOT & HUMID day! Stay hydrated!!!

Until next time…

The Angry EX

I dealt with one of those when I was married. I don’t have to deal with one of those anymore, but BOY, the stories…I’ve written about some of it on here, just check out the earlier archives...

Weekend Gone By....

What a nice weekend it was! Didn’t have anything planned really, just did what I wanted. Friday, went to go visit a long time friend. We chatted about life, work, whatever, had Steel Magnolia’s playing in the background,  and just glad that we reconnected again, THANKS to FACEBOOK! See, it’s good for something! LOL

Saturday day, I, along with my male child and a friend of his, put a book case together so the books I had in the hall way have a new home, LOL…AND I told my male child to LEAVE MY SHIT alone, LOL …He thought he would do something and rearrange my front room, while I was gone, but I caught him in the act, as he was moving my other book case with books still in the bottom shelf, therefore it didn’t last.  I’m sure he meant well, and it bugged him my books were in the hallway, but hey, they WOULDN’T have been had THEY been left alone  Yes, it’s white, but I actually kinda like it

Sunday, just relaxed most of the day, until later in the afternoon and my love called me asking …

The Devil Came out to Downey....

and knock on my door...GRRRR. Unfortunately, I was in the bathroom. My daughter answers the door and she right off the bat tells her, "your mom and I are still fussin'..." My daughter immediately came to the bathroom door to tell me who was here, she was shocked and didn't know why or even understand why the hell this bitch was at my house.  She talked to both my kids, gave them both hugs.

I have at least two numbers for this broad, from all the shit she started back in Jan/Feb. with me, telling me I better watch my back, so I sent a text to both numbers in my phone and told her, "NO, (her name) we aren't fussing we've had no contact since January/Feb. Stay the DUCK away from my house. You don't miss my kids, you haven't seen them or have had any contact with them in over a year or more.  STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY HOUSE." My cell didn't recognize the F word, so I had to add the last sentence.

She wrote me back from the second number I …

E. S. Posthumus

NARA- I LOVE this song, it is SO powerful….


This song is what I played during my husband’s memorial service in Dec 2005. It was played during a slide show. Our marriage, and the time I was blessed to be called his wife, was just BEAUTIFUL….

AWESOME Rebuttal to Bristol Palin's Blog on Gay Marriage and the Presidents reaction...

Saw the above video, when I was looking to see what I could see about this  


So, on June 15th, I wrote the Dept of Child support services, and requested they pursue Misdemeanor Criminal Charges against my ex for failure to pay his child support or ANYTHING towards arrears, as agreed upon at our last court hearing in 2008. I hadn’t checked the website for a response until now.

On June 18th, they responded with, “Good Morning. This case doesn’t qualify for criminal charges as of now. “Mr.R” is receiving a needs-based cash grant, so this case wouldn’t qualify. If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please call (866) ***-****. Thank you.”

He is receiving a “needs-based cash grant” huh? AMAZING…well, “Isn’t that special” SMMFH..

Book on Parental Alienation by Goldie Hawn's ex husband....


Bill Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s Ex, Pens Book on Parental Alienation, Praises Fathers and Families
January 24th, 2012 by FAF Staff

Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, circa 1976.

Bill Hudson, father of Kate and Oliver Hudson and the ex-husband of Goldie Hawn, has authored a new book, Two Versions, in which he claims he was alienated from his children by his ex-wife.


There is good news though. Based on all of the cases he has seen, Glenn says, “It’s not uncommon for alienated children to reunite with fathers when they are older. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous reunification brought on because of a life-altering event that makes one party reach out and try to reconnect. It could be money for college, the birth of their own child, or they feel the absence of a grandparent. Sometimes children grow up and go through their own divorces and t…


There is a special place in hell for people like you, who ABSOLUTELY refuse to pay their child support and live off of welfare. (*General Relief*) You owe $24,275.54, you get paid a little more than $203 per month and yet you can't PAY the PALTRY PITTANCE of $10 per month towards the arrearages that YOU agreed to, back in 2008! YOU live in a house that YOU inherited, that is in the family trust fund and yet you still can't pay your FUCKING $10 a month.
OH, yeah, you went into the child support office in November, to try and make a payment, but apparently it wasn't enough, so they don't accept it. THAT is THEIR BAD, those stupid idiots!
What's incredibly sad is you went from THIS picture from Sept  26, 1992, my 10 yr high school reunion,

to that, the bottom picture is from your very last visit with your daughter, on 6-12-1994.
The BEST thing that came of out of OUR relationship was MY DAUGHTER. ME, I, with the help of my HUSBAND, until HIS death when she was 12, RA…

I'm BAAACK! :-)

Well, had a little vacation from being on line at home, my modem died last week and now it’s finally up and running again. Such a little box, why so much trouble setting it up, SHEESH… oh well, that was last night, TODAY is a new day, and WHAT a day it has been so far, DAMN…

SO last week was my first week, being a homemaker…it has it’s good moments and bad, but I really miss working and I can hardly wait until I get back to work next fall.

ANYWAY, I will write more later….HAPPY HUMP DAY!!


Well, since I posted last, apparently, the 21st day of February, I’ve aged another year…but just like fine wine, I’m only BETTER 
Hope all is well with everyone whom might come across this little blog of mine. 
Since I wrote last, my life is changing again. I can’t really say all details, but it will be another learning experience, and it could possibly be exactly what was intended, working for the school district and getting certified like I had to. I wouldn’t/couldn’t have known this at the time, 6 yrs ago, but it’s what makes sense. SO, I look forward to this new adventure experience, but I DO miss my little ones and teachers  at my job.
I had also been sick with my asthma, allergies and sinuses. THAT hasn’t been fun. For someone who uses their inhaler no more than 5 times a year, IF THAT, to needing to use it every day…this crazy CALIFORNIA weather is something else, “freezing cold” one day, to 85+ the next, and too many days like that, something was bound to happen.
My love and …

What they DON't teach in school

Black Confederates? Why haven’t we heard more about them? National Park Service historian, Ed Bearrs, stated, “I don’t want to call it a conspiracy to ignore the role of Blacks both above and below the Mason-Dixon line, but it was definitely a tendency that began around 1910” Historian, Erwin L. Jordan, Jr., calls it a “cover-up” which started back in 1865. He writes, “During my research, I came across instances where Black men stated they were soldiers, but you can plainly see where ‘soldier’ is crossed out and ‘body servant’ inserted, or ‘teamster’ on pension applications.” Another black historian, Roland Young, says he is not surprised that blacks fought. He explains that “…some, if not most, Black southerners would support their country” and that by doing so they were “demonstrating it’s possible to hate the system of slavery and love one’s country.” This is the very same reaction that most Africa…



Beautiful weather here today, in Sunny So Cal! It’s warming up to 72 today

Things have been going decent..started off rough this week, but it’s evened out so far. Did ya have a nice Valentines Day? Mine was nice, got a gift bag from my daughter with some chocolate, also got a fruit container with chocolate covered strawberries and a candied apple  OH, and my sweet child bought me BREAKING DAWN, YEAH!

Due to money being tight, non existent anyway at this moment, the kids presents will be late, but my daughter and my fiancee were BOTH there for me this week and for THAT, I will be forever grateful.

Been doing a lot of sorting out, throwing out, and “to shred” piling. It’s been NICE to clean up. Can hardly wait until I’m finished!  I had always heard, “If you haven’t looked at it in a year, toss it.” My problem is, I look at it, put it “away” and don’t think about it until I’m going through stuff, and then I have to REALLY clean it o…


RIP Whitney Houston, no more Pain, no more Demons...
When you believe....

DO Dead Men Talk??

“Why is she doing this, when he is dead and can’t defend himself?” (Russell Armstrong’s sister about Taylor’s claim of physical abuse.)


I can understand Ms. Armstrong’s question. I have wondered that myself so very often. My husband’s ex wife, just after he died, went on my website and that of a friends and spoke ill of him. Why? He’s dead and can’t defend himself. So, as his wife-widow, I felt it was MY position to stand up for him, and respond to the bullshit and nonsense she was saying about it.

Well, apparently, it has come up again, only this time, it is concerning a former co worker of his. The latter part of January, this co worker stated she called the Postal Police on me. She told a mutual friend that the Postal Police “want to interview the employees that were close to keith to get history.” to get history of WHAT? LOL…Not that I’m afraid or anything but then this former co worker went on to say, “ Pat will get in serious trouble ” Um, again, really? for what…

Thank You For Our Messy Home....

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this sink of dirty dishes; we have plenty of food to eat.

Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry; we have plenty of nice clothes to wear.

And I would like to thank you, Lord, for those unmade beds; they were so warm and comfortable last night. I know that many have no bed.

My thanks to you, Lord, for this bathroom, complete with all the splattered mess, soggy, grimy towels and the dirty lavatory; they are all so convenient.

Thank you for this finger-smudged refrigerator that needs defrosting so badly; it has served us faithfully for many years. It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers for two or three meals.

Thank you, Lord, for this oven that absolutely must be cleaned today; it has baked so many things over the years.

The whole family is grateful for that tall grass that needs mowing and lawn that needs raking; we all enjoy the yard.

Thank you, Lord, even for that slamming screen door. My kids are healthy and able to run and play. Many child…