it’s been a “minute” huh, since I was here last? I used to be really good at keeping journals when I was younger, and I would really love to do it again, so I start with the greatest of intentions, but then…. who knows. I guess my life is going pretty well, there isn’t too much to say, but then really, there is a lot to say, and I probably could say a lot

ANYWAY, my daughter is working at Mc D’s…she loves it, but doesn’t. I hope they keep her, as she needs to work, just wish THEY would adhere to her school schedule and stop scheduling her at the TIMES she has school. I thought they were “education friendly…” The way they mess with her this way, gives me cause to wonder….

OH, don’t forget to “Turn back time” tonight! YEAH! Who COULDN’T use an extra hour of sleep!? I know I could!!

Will write more later,



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