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My wonderful fiance bought this for me tonight  It happens to play our wedding song as well…

NO SURPRISE! SICKO!!!!,0,4290302.story

WHY is it that every time I hear about a catholic priest getting busted, I think of THIS ONE in particular?? I don’t like the fact that I KNEW this guy once, when he was a priest at the school I went to…SO disillusioned by all this, this man was so jolly and happy, always smiling and laughing…guess it all makes sense…he had been getting away with doing bad things

SO very disgusting!!!

Welcome TUESDAY!!

What a way to start the day! Drop my phone in the toilet, first thing this morning! DAMMIT! I’ve never done THAT before, so now it and the battery are sitting in rice…hopefully that will do the trick!

My daughter bought me a new coffee mug yesterday from her college! It’s big and the mouth is pretty wide, and it makes my coffee taste OH so DELICIOUS! (that and the fact that I cleaned out the coffee maker last night, by running vinegar through it twice  )

So no phone for several hours, but DAMN, I made a GREAT cup of coffee!!! Salud!  Will write more later…

Have a great day!


Woke up early, did my morning routine, took 2 of 4 kids to school, waiting to take the last two to college, then ME TIME! I love my morning’s when it’s just ME in the house and no one else.

I feel that this week is going to be a good one. It’s a short week, no work/school Friday, then next week, we go all week, but the week AFTER next, we go to school/work, 2 days then off for Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know if the college kids are off, but the middle school, high school and myself are off

It’s a crisp morning, no rain, but the results after the rain yesterday are just beautiful! THIS is truly a FALL day

Hope you all have a great day! ENJOY!


it’s been a “minute” huh, since I was here last? I used to be really good at keeping journals when I was younger, and I would really love to do it again, so I start with the greatest of intentions, but then…. who knows. I guess my life is going pretty well, there isn’t too much to say, but then really, there is a lot to say, and I probably could say a lot

ANYWAY, my daughter is working at Mc D’s…she loves it, but doesn’t. I hope they keep her, as she needs to work, just wish THEY would adhere to her school schedule and stop scheduling her at the TIMES she has school. I thought they were “education friendly…” The way they mess with her this way, gives me cause to wonder….

OH, don’t forget to “Turn back time” tonight! YEAH! Who COULDN’T use an extra hour of sleep!? I know I could!!

Will write more later,