Monday 9-5-11

First off, let me start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my former stepson, Nick. Can it really be that he is 27?? WOW… Well, that’s it for that, LOL

My life…My daughter started college last month, she likes it. She is going to a JC right now, then will transfer to a state college in two yrs.

My son will start 9th grade in a couple days, gosh, time is just flying by! THANK GOD, I start back to work the day after my son starts school. It will be GREAT to be getting back to work!

Tomorrow I have to go file some papers at court against my ex. Although my daughter is 18 now, the DA will only enforce the child support arrears he owes. Thankfully, they have a lien against the house he lives in that is part of a family trust for that. What I am filing for is the medical arrears he owes. Apparently, I need to get a DOLLAR amount he will owe per month, and add that to the child support money he owes, and send the order to the DA so they can enforce that as well.

Everything else is working out as it should. I’m still happy and smiling..

Hope you are all having a great day!



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