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Sweet, Emotional Salute from Father to son....

THIS is from my husband’s ex wife’s second husband to his son. I thought this was very sweet!

Are you MADLY in LOVE?

I already knew this!

You love your partner with all your heart. You couldnt possibly imagine hurting him/her or being without your partner. You will do anything you can to make your partner extremely happy.

Happy Carmageddon Day!!

THANKFULLY, I don’t ever drive the 405 fwy, unless going to the beach and I already told the kids we weren’t going ANYWHERE this weekend that requires a freeway  LA traffic is horrendous ANYWAY, and with this freeway closed down, AY Dios MIO!

Now, just getting some things done around here, before my surprise date night with my LOVE, I’m pretty excited! I think we need this In fact, I KNOW we do…getting too caught up with LIFE and not having alot of QT is not good, so hopefully this is something we can do more of.

Have a great day!!!


I always have good intentions when I start a blog. It’s supposed to be MY very own place to vent or rejoice or just share stuff, but I just can’t seem to get with it, LOL…ANYWAY,

What’s been going on since I wrote last, well, my son “Promoted” and in Sept. will now be in 9th grade. My daughter Graduated high school and will be starting college next month.

My fiancee and I were to get married next month as well, nearly everything was done, but we have postponed it. I’m sad about that, but we are working out some things, and it can only make us better.

We’re enjoying summer, just chillin’. Now that I’m not getting married next month, I was thinking of taking a road trip to WA to see my sister, but I’m not sure who can go with me, as I know my fiancee has to work. Maybe that will have to wait until next year, after taxes.

I was caught up in the Casey Anthony trial. I believe that SHE murdered her child and that the jury did a TOTAL injustice to little Caylee Anthony. VERY SAD…listening …