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REAL Black History written by Robin Quivers

I’m watching African American Lives on PBS, a documentary featuring the ancestry of prominent African Americans. The show features famous entertainers like Chris Rock and Tina Turner and prominent business and community leaders. Usually, when people look up their ancestors it’s a happy occasion to learn where you came from and who you’re related too. This is not so if you were born black in America.
I found out just how hard it is to figure out who your ancestors are last year when I looked up my grandfather on my father’s side. It was so exciting to see his name in the government records, stating who he was married to and listing all of his children including my dad. My excitement was short lived, however, because that one census entry was all I found.
There was nothing at all before that one entry; it was as if he came from nowhere and suddenly appeared as a grown man with children. Watching …