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Excessive Force I would NOT accept condolences, I believe the Police used excessive force, there were cops as close as 12 ft away, why not use a taser? There was a k-9, let the dog loose, why not shoot to maim?? This is a sad sad story…


Wish my husband could have seen this, should be a lesson to custodial parents screwing with visitations…CHANGE OF CUSTODY CAN AND DOES HAPPEN
“…Dwyane Wade was awarded “physical possession” of his sons in June by another judge, who found that an emergency order was merited because Wade’s time for visitation with his children “has been frustrated on an ongoing basis as a result of continual interference” by his ex-wife….”

Riddle Me This....

Why is it that only my REPUBLICAN friends are the ones that keep telling me to stop with the politics I post on my facebook, LOLOL….