Should I Stay or Should I Go

Sometimes I felt like a freaking ping pong ball, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…etc… and this was a result of my husbands ex-wife. The one constant was, she hated me, LOATHED me and I really have no idea why. Perhaps it was my investigative “Charm” I had. My husband didn’t believe hardly ANYTHING she told him, and with good reason.

Having said that, one minute SHE would involve me in insurance stuff and visitation, hell, she and I even had a 45 minute conversation after my son was born, but the next minute, she was cursing my husband and I because SHE involved me,  LOL…it was CRAZY!

After awhile, I just did as my husband asked me to do, whether it be call the providers she used to give insurance info, or call the insurance company for the status of claims, etc. Of COURSE, everyone knew that due to HIPPA, they could only give out certain information, but I didn’t WANT MEDICAL information, that info was given on the eob’s as an ICD-9 code, duh!

ANYWAY, the emails after emails after emails from the ex accusing me of invading HER privacy, and pretending to be her, were borderline insanity. Seems she knew she didn’t have a leg to stand on with all her accusations because as my husband would tell her, NO ONE would jeopardize their job by giving me information they were not allowed to give. The ex was always just blowing smoke and full of hot air, she never filed.


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