She Obviously Knew She Pissed Him Off and Stressed Him Out....

Nov 23, 2003, my husbands ex wife wrote me (I used another name and email) and stated the following, “…You need to help Mr. *last name* before he has a heart attach and leave all his children fatherless. Even then I would have a hassle to get Social Security Benefits due to his current wife...”

June 18, 2005 she wrote, “… you missed out on the best part of your children’s lives because of your selfishness. You couldn’t even attend their graduations. Guess you won’t be there for their weddings or childbirths either…”

He missed out on his children’s lives for many reasons, though NOT for the lack of trying, but because his ex was very bitter and couldn’t separate financials from visitation, and did NOT promote a healthy relationship between the kids and their dad. His son graduated in 2002, and my husband could not get the time off work,  His vacation request had been denied. Guess his ex would have rather have him THERE without a job and not get her child support? His daughter graduated in 2005, however since Dec 2003, his daughter had started to tell him to leave her alone, she didn’t want to talk to him anymore and to stop texting her and emailing her, and she did NOT invite him to her graduation. On Oct 11th 2005 she emailed my husband, addressing him by his first name and said, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCK OFF!!!‘ further telling him she was tired of him trying to get into her life, she hates him, stop “fucking caring” she’s 18 and doesn’t need him in her screwing it up, she is doing just fine without him in her life, she’s made it this far without him, she can make it the rest of the way, and  just leave her alone and stay out of her life.

Nov. 29, 2005 was a horrible month. 3-4 days after Thanksgiving, after giving thanks to God for ALL our wonderful blessings, HE decides that he misses my husband and took him from me and our kids. His son with this ex had nothing to do with him since around 2000 and his daughter with this ex had nothing to do with him since Christmas 2002.
There was no hassle to get social security benefits due to me. Her two kids did not qualify since they were over 18 when he died.

Dec 4, 2005, the day of my husbands funeral, the ex called my home, just to harass me. She wanted information on any Veterans benefits she felt her children were entitled to, she wanted copies of my husbands obituary so that she can get  an airfare discount for her daughter after the fact because according to the ex, “it cost a lot to get her there” apparently from her school out of state. Then she hassled me as to WHY I did not bury him in a Veterans cemetary.

On Dec 5th, I sent her a certified letter, telling her that as of the date of my husbands death, I would not speak to her or her adult children and that if she had any questions regarding any benefits, contact a lawyer, not me. I sent one letter to her work (which was signed for) and I sent the other to her PO Box address and it was “refused by addressee.”

His daughter was married in Oct 2008, so once again, his ex was right, he missed out on her wedding, and his daughter gave birth in Oct 2009, so once again, his ex was right, he missed out on childbirths.


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