June - July 2009- Classmates website

I’m going about my life, when much to my surprise, on the 23rd, the ex is accusing me, out of the blue, of stalking her on, guess what, ANOTHER public website! I w
as emailed on June 29th by someone who saw it, I had no idea this was even going on!

The woman is nuts…I notified classmates.com and it was taken down immediately, but not before she changed her sentence to  not include my name, the second time, but the whole allegation was taken down.

WTG Classmates.com!

FIRST, there was this post from the 23rd, naming me as her stalker. Even though her daughter had "dudgeon lady" as part of her email at one time, I KNOW, she was not referring to her daughter as the stalker.

THEN, not sure why, maybe she had grew a short lived conscience, she went ahead and changed her post

One of her female high school classmate friends, wrote, "Holy Crap a stalker? What the hell is up with that?..." 

This went on for a several days actually. On the 24th, a male classmate friend of hers wrote, "Juanita, what is up with this stalker thing, is it a real stalker how exciting why is he/she stuck on you..." to which Juanita responded, "Yes, a female stalker that gets her thrill looking for me on the internet."

On the 26th, her sister in law writes, "Juanita, do you think your stalker knows my stalker?" Now, in all honesty, THIS one puzzled me. I often wondered how a "woman" (used loosely, literally :-) ) who had been having an affair with a married man, would call the wife of the man she's having an affair with, a stalker? DEFLECTION at it's best. 

On the 28th, Juanita wrote to her sister in law, "Twisted souls lost in the inbetween- most likely they know each other because they envy us and are jealous of who we are. We are free, strong women and they are weak and controlled by their emotions. Karma will get them" OK, this one is funny. "Twisted souls lost in the inbetween?" What the fuck? LOL...The inbetween of what? Envy and jealous? HARDLY, nothing to be envious and jealous of, one a psycho as I know her, and the other a "woman" (used loosely, literally) that needs to wear the scarlet letter A on her blouses...nope, not what I aspire to be, nothing to be envious or jealous of there. Are you really free? Strong? really? Hmmm, not what the history that I have with you has shown, at all. Controlled by their emotions, THERE YOU ARE! Now THAT describes you to a T, Juanita! 

So, her sister in law responds to Juanita's "deep (should have worn my boots when I read it) thought: by saying, "Juanita, I think your right...so now that I've done some "house cleaning" perhaps I've also gotten rid of that demented jealous lost soul"  oh, "house cleaning?" Is that the name you gave the guy you were having an affair with? I'm sure his wife has no problem with you referring to her as a "demented jealous soul" beats the names of what YOUR actions are called...

On June 30, I had written a CEASE AND DESIST notice public note on Juanita's profile. I wrote " I demand that she cease and desist from further allegations that I am stalker you. I suggest you STOP IMMEDIATELY, your lies, mas malicious, vicious, slanderous and libelous as they are. If you do not, and you continue to your wanton ways, I will be forced to seek legal action against you." In another public note post on her page, I wrote, "ENOUGH! This is not the first time I have had trouble with you spreading malicious slanderous and libelous lies about me. Over 17 months you have written that I caused my husbands death and even went so far as to falsely accuse me of KILLING my husband. You have invaded my personal website and that of friends to spew your lies and venom and now here you are again, accusing me of being a stalker. YOU couldn't even be truthful when you signed the guest book at my husbands funeral. YOU had not been a Dudgeon since Nov. 1990, when your divorce from him was final. ENOUGH! I also put both of these notes as a public note on my profile page.

Now we are on July 1st. Juanita posts another public note and says, "You see the strangest things happen when you are too nosey into others lives. Bernadette you were right-ha ha Jealousy will rot your soul, along with the guilt and envy. Looking forward to seeing you soon and toasting our victory." how demented can she be?

On July 2nd, she wrote to her female classmate friend that wrote her on the 23rd and said, "thats for the support..."  to which this friend wrote back "I hope everything is better with the Stalker. What a drag that you have to deal with this crap. I'll send an e-mail to your private address...."

On July 4th, Juanita wrote another private note on her profile that the website is a public site- no privacy features. In an effort to protect my identity I have limited the information for public viewing. Please contact me by private e-mail." This one REALLY made me laugh and shake my head in amazement. She wrote this on July 4th, but on Aug 19, she still had "Juanita's story" up, which tells where she lives and about her life since moving 16 yrs  prior. 

By Oct. 11th, all THAT information is still up, and she still has her employment information up. I had to send her an email from this site and remind her how she accuses me of stalking her, yet she has all this information on her profile, where any Tom, Dick or Harry can find her. I told her the accusation was a joke, and then congratulated her on becoming a grandmother soon. On the 13th, she replied with the definition of "Stalking" LOL I responded that I was glad she knew how to use a dictionary and now a life lesson. When she points her finger and accuse someone of something, to remember that she has 3 pointing back at her. I told her she accused me of stalking her on a public website, which was a joke in an of itself, but then she writes where she lives, what she does (For a living), where she came (moved) from (16 yrs ago), and all her previous jobs
she's had, yet she accuses me of stalking her and THAT was the biggest joke of them all. I told her to GER OVER HERSELF, that she was not so important to me, she was a joke, and when she writes me like she did on Myspace and send me bullshit letters like she has in the past, I had and still don't have, any problem posting them on my public/private website to give my thoughts on the matter. I ended it by telling her to take care. What does SHE do?

On October 13th, she posts

On the 17, I emailed her male classmate friend and said, " I am no mystery writer. Back in June of this year, it was brought to my attention that Juanita had called me a stalker and addressed me by name. I assure you, I am no stalker. Juanita and I have a past, (she was my husbands ex wife, they had 2 kids) but I thought that was over when she quit hassling me in or around Feb 2006, 3 months AFTER my husband passed away, after she accused me of killing my husband, on my public website that I had at the time, and she went so far as to post trash talk about my husband and i on a friends livejournal account. Talk about stalking and harassing! My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive cardiac arrest while he was on his job.

In Dec 2007, WA state was having horrible rain and flooding. I wrote her then to tell her I had hoped they were ok. THAT was it. I heard nothing from her until earlier this year. WHY, I wondered. Just chalked it up to her wanting to start more drama. had heard from her or about her since, until June of this year, when someone emailed me alerting me to the fact that Juanita accused me of being a stalker, and addressed me by name. 

I wrote a cease and desist letter. Kept it all as documentation. Then the other day, something made me look at her profile and I noticed that not only did she write some nonsense about "in an effort to protect her identity" she had a whole history of where she lived (in the past) where she lives now, where her city is located, what she does for a living, ETC... I was amazed that she took time out of her day to accuse me of stalking when she claimed to wanting to protect her ID, yet have all this telling info where any tom dick or harry can find her should they so chose. People are really freaky these days for real, so I wrote her and reminded her of her post to protect her id, and while she accused me of stalking her, she has 3 finger pointing back at her, and what a joke it was for her to cry VICTIM and throw out false accusations, yet have all this telling info in her profile. She still does, but at least she took down her story with all the real telling story.

So no, I am not some random person. I don't care what she does, as long as she leaves me alone, and it seems she cannot do that. This is a snippit of what I and my husband have had to endure from 1995 until the day he died, Nov 2005. EVERYDAY it was something in email or letter or phone call. The way she was with us between that time, leads me to believe the things he said about her from the time they separated (1989) until I came into the picture (1994).

There is a saying that no one knows what goes on behind close doors, meaning someone can be one way in person and another behind the scenes...hence what I have dealt with from Juanita for MANY years.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, have a great day!!!!


and then I realized I made a mistake and had to make a correction, so I wrote back and said, " 
"had heard from her or about her since, until June of this year, when someone emailed me alerting me to the fact that Juanita accused me of being a stalker, and addressed me by name."

this sentence SHOULD read, "hadn't heard from her or about her since, June of this year, when someone emailed me alerting me to the fact that Juanita accused me of being a stalker, and addressed me by name"

just wanted to "right" my "wrong" :-)


On her male classmate friends profile, on Oct 30, I wrote, "I assure you, I'm not "mystery writer" or "stalker." I've know your friend since 1994..."


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