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So, I wrote my “Should I stay or should I go” post right? The ex would call and talk to me about insurance claims, and then get herself  upset and worked up and start talking about how I need to butt out, accuse me of impersonating her, invading her privacy, ALWAYS threatening to get  a restraining order, etc… it was like dealing with Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde, forREAL. She would say she didn’t/wouldn’t accept emails or anything from me (or my husband) but then turn around and write or respond to something written.

As late as June this year, she accused me of stalking her… yet I guess she forget that what she is accusing ME of, she did herself.

June - July 2009- Classmates website

I’m going about my life, when much to my surprise, on the 23rd, the ex is accusing me, out of the blue, of stalking her on, guess what, ANOTHER public website! I w
as emailed on June 29th by someone who saw it, I had no idea this was even going on!

The woman is nuts…I notified and it was taken down immediately, but not before she changed her sentence to  not include my name, the second time, but the whole allegation was taken down.


FIRST, there was this post from the 23rd, naming me as her stalker. Even though her daughter had "dudgeon lady" as part of her email at one time, I KNOW, she was not referring to her daughter as the stalker.

THEN, not sure why, maybe she had grew a short lived conscience, she went ahead and changed her post
One of her female high school classmate friends, wrote, "Holy Crap a stalker? What the hell is up with that?..." 
This went on for a several days actually. On the 24th, a male classmate friend of he…

March 8 and 9, 2009

You know, I don't feel bad or regret ANYTHING I have I done, where the ex and even her husband are concerned.

When my husband was alive, we were a TEAM and took care of things and issues, as a TEAM. We didn't care what his ex or her husband thought. What we found ironic and funny is that they both always, well, the ex more than her husband, threatened with a lawsuit for one reason or another, yet never followed through with their threats.

SO, for people who hated me and my husband as much the ex and her husband did, it always amazed me when I would find stuff like this...

you KNOW, I didn't let it go. I wrote to him and said, 

John was NOT happy, and let me know about it...

A "Fat Ass?" REALLY? LOL

and of course I had to give him a little education on fat asses...

Quite frankly, in all honesty, I don't know that John wrote ANY of ME, this reeks of my husbands ex. SHE is the one that has called me "Fat Ass" and more, I've never been ca…