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Saturday was her funeral and though it was a beautiful service, it was also one of the hardest funerals I had been too. There were some things that I took as signs that my husband was with her too. (He really loved B and her daughter, and they loved him too) One was the little Memorial card they handed out. It was the same kind I had when I had the one's made for my husband service. Another one was when the Reverened was talking about how B's soul was now free, it was just her body we were putting in the ground. Before my husband died, he told me that he wanted to be cremated (sp?) because his soul is no longer in his body and he didn't want me to have the expense of burying his body in the ground. THEN, the guitarist/soloist BEAUTIFULLY sang, "I Can Only Imagine" (by Mercy Me) and after my husband died, that was the song that I played over and over again, because it made me think of my husband and what he did when he stood in front  his Heavenly Father. To go ba…