Visitation History

My husband did NOT want to be married to his ex any longer.  He defaulted. She got the house, all the furnishings, appliances, and personal effects currently in her possession and her ’86 Nissan 200 SX. It was also ordered that neither party shall annoy harass telephone or otherwise disturb the peace of the other party, (THAT was a joke)  The divorce was final November 1990.

His ex moved the kids to another state in Feb 1993. He saw the kids when he was ALLOWED to, as she felt all vistation was to go through her only, in other words, what she said, went.

Case in point…May 1995, she wrote my husband and told him, “As per the child settlement agreement I have the right to authorize the visitation as I see fit.” She went on to write that she was “requesting that the kids get to spend the entire vacation with you not working if this is not going to be the case we can arrange another time for visitation…” She further stated that the “divorce papers that you did not appear to contest say that visitation is up to me..”

WELLLLL, according to the final divorce decree, it  was ordered, “…Petitioner shall have the joint legal and sole physical custody of the minor children…SUBJECT TO RESPONDENTS RIGHT OF REASONABLE VISITATION  as MUTUALLY agree upon with Petitioner…” Um, I do not see where it says that visitation is up to her as she see’s fit. Later in the letter, she “reminds him” that Christmas 1993 (they were already in their new state) he chose not to visit and again in April 1995 “another opportunity” missed. She said, “…Your opinion to make me look like I have denied any vistation is very wrong…” Oh REALLLLLY….HMMMM

After the fiasco of  summer visitation in 1995, the ex decided to take my husband back to court.  Surprisingly,  she REFUSED to enter into a parenting plan to get visitation SET before court.  She just wanted her increase in $$, because that’s how NICE and COOPERATIVE she is/was, HA HA…NOT…

SO, this is the way visitation went:

1994-Spring- agreed for her to keep the kids.-Summer-DENIED-Winter- 4 days

1995-Spring-DENIED,  Summer- 3 weeks, Winter-DENIED

1996-Spring-1 week, Summer-DENIED, Winter-DENIED

1997- Spring-1 week, Summer- 4 weeks, Winter- 2 weeks

1998-Spring- 1 week, Summer 5 weeks and my hubby had taken her back to court earlier in the summer to set visitation and terminate child care obligation, Winter-EX got the kids per court order visitation as follows : 5 weeks in summer commencing  Summer

1999; (1998 Summer visitation is 7/16-8/14); 2 weeks at Christmas in alternating years commencing 1999; Alternate Easter/Spring Break commencing 2000. If W exercises Easter/Spring break in her years, H will have additional 1 week in Summer for a total of 6 weeks in summer. W to notify H 45  days before her Easter as to her plans to exercise her right or not.

1999-Spring-1 week, Summer- 5 weeks, Winter- 2 weeks

2000-Spring-1 week, Summer- 5 weeks, Winter- Ex’s year

2001-Spring 1 week, Summer- approx 3.5 weeks for his daughter (she left mad) and 5 weeks for son (last time he saw my husband), Winter-DENIED

2002-Spring- DENIED, Summer- DENIED 9and son graduated), Winter- 1 week with daughter (last time she saw my husband)

SO, in MY opinion, his opinion to make her look like she has denied visitation, was pretty on the mark…and let me tell you, visitation was not without incidents, before during and after, EVER…


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