Tuesday, June 13, 2006- Oh Boy!
today when I picked up my son from school, his teacher talked to me. She was telling me that when they practiced the song, "Proud to be an American" for their program tomorrow, my son broke down and cried. She wanted to know my thoughts on whether it would be too much for him to sing tomorrow. She said she thinks he should sing it with the group. I told her that I had spoken to him about this, after his break down last week from it, and I suggested that maybe he could ask his teacher if he can hold a picture of his dad in his military uniform as he sings the song, but my son didn't want to ask. I also told her that he breaks down every time he practices the song here at home.
His teacher said she would allow him to hold the picture of his dad if it would help him get through the song, so we shall see how tomorrow goes. I am hoping it will make him feel closer to his dad.  I told her not to look at me, because I,  no doubt will be just as emotional as my son, so she said she would try not to look at me, LOL.
My daughter and her advanced chorus group is singing it at their last chorus concert Thursday night, boy am I going to be a mess....thank GOD my sister and at least one, hopefully both, of my earth angels will be there too :-)
Wednesday, June 14, 2006- Flag Day
It went real well! My son didn't cry and neither did I! I think we were talking to each other  with our Eyes, because we kept looking at each other keeping our upper lips stiff! It was all good!
Thursday, June 15, 2006- Concert on the Lawn
Tonight was my daughters last Chorus performance. They have it every year at her school, and it's called, Concert on the lawn. A good time was had by all :-)  Both my earth angels were there, and had a good time, really enjoying the music and performances :-) I sat between them and they both had me in stitches, laughing, they are just too much fun! Summer is almost here!
Sunday, June 18, 2006- Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day to all you Dads!! Today started off really rough. I was on the verge of tears most of the day, even though one of my earth angels was over. My intention was to go to Church, but I just couldn't. I decided to buck up and do something I know Keith would have liked,(besides going to Church) and that was to go to the movies and to his favorite burger joint. So, I took my kids and myself to go see Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, and then to In and Out Burgers. :-) It was a bittersweet.
Friday, June 23, 2006- SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER
YEAH! that's all I gotta say~ :-)
Monday, June 26, 2006-First Day of Summer Break
Today,  my kids and I went shopping. I took my daughter to Mervyns and Walmart. She is going on vacation next week and needed a carry on bag and a couple other things. I bought myself a couple (4) shirts from Mervyns. They were having a GREAT sale! We saved $95. and change! I was pretty proud of us, LOL.... My son got a new game for his nintendo from Walmart. He was happy :-) 


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