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She Obviously Knew She Pissed Him Off and Stressed Him Out....

Nov 23, 2003, my husbands ex wife wrote me (I used another name and email) and stated the following, “…You need to help Mr. *last name* before he has a heart attach and leave all his children fatherless. Even then I would have a hassle to get Social Security Benefits due to his current wife...”

June 18, 2005 she wrote, “… you missed out on the best part of your children’s lives because of your selfishness. You couldn’t even attend their graduations. Guess you won’t be there for their weddings or childbirths either…”

He missed out on his children’s lives for many reasons, though NOT for the lack of trying, but because his ex was very bitter and couldn’t separate financials from visitation, and did NOT promote a healthy relationship between the kids and their dad. His son graduated in 2002, and my husband could not get the time off work,  His vacation request had been denied. Guess his ex would have rather have him THERE without a job and not get her child support? His daughter graduat…

Visitation History

My husband did NOT want to be married to his ex any longer.  He defaulted. She got the house, all the furnishings, appliances, and personal effects currently in her possession and her ’86 Nissan 200 SX. It was also ordered that neither party shall annoy harass telephone or otherwise disturb the peace of the other party, (THAT was a joke)  The divorce was final November 1990.

His ex moved the kids to another state in Feb 1993. He saw the kids when he was ALLOWED to, as she felt all vistation was to go through her only, in other words, what she said, went.

Case in point…May 1995, she wrote my husband and told him, “As per the child settlement agreement I have the right to authorize the visitation as I see fit.” She went on to write that she was “requesting that the kids get to spend the entire vacation with you not working if this is not going to be the case we can arrange another time for visitation…” She further stated that the “divorce papers that you did not appear to contest say t…

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Sometimes I felt like a freaking ping pong ball, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…etc… and this was a result of my husbands ex-wife. The one constant was, she hated me, LOATHED me and I really have no idea why. Perhaps it was my investigative “Charm” I had. My husband didn’t believe hardly ANYTHING she told him, and with good reason.

Having said that, one minute SHE would involve me in insurance stuff and visitation, hell, she and I even had a 45 minute conversation after my son was born, but the next minute, she was cursing my husband and I because SHE involved me,  LOL…it was CRAZY!

After awhile, I just did as my husband asked me to do, whether it be call the providers she used to give insurance info, or call the insurance company for the status of claims, etc. Of COURSE, everyone knew that due to HIPPA, they could only give out certain information, but I didn’t WANT MEDICAL information, that info was given on the eob’s as an ICD-9 code, duh!

ANYWAY, the emails after emails after emails f…