WHO is she trying to convince!? LOL

She and my husband were divorced in Nov 1990. He kept letters she wrote prior to and after that. She moved the kids away and remarried in 1993. I met my husband in 1992, we started dating in the summer of 1994, so I have known about his ex for quite some time, before we actually met in the summer of 1995. I had met the kids Christmas 1994 when they stayed with us for 4 days. About 4 month later,  (april 1995) she already  telling my husband to tell me to butt out, because we had sent the kids a box of gifts and I sent a note  with along with it, not normally a big deal, but she told him that it was “obvious” to the kids that the box came from me, NOT him but they were happy to to receive anything from him. Obvious to whom?
She has harassmed me CONSTANTLY, from day ONE  (april  1995) until January 2010. why does she feel the need to let people know, people that she doesn’t even KNOW, that I am the biggest liar she knows? Why does she think they would care? how sick is she?

She says the same things in her posts, she has NOTHING else, so she repeats, repeats, repeats, she accuses me of being so involved in her life, not letting her live her life, of stalking her, and yet all she has posted is HER version of how she THINKS my husbands life was…That’s HILARIOUS, and sick at the same time. Who’s butting in again? Not me…as far ast he pictures of her goes, SHE is the that sent 2 of the same wedding pictures to my husband…again, WHY? My husband had no idea, he didn’t care, he silently wished her new husband luck.

Their parenting relationship was NOT perfect before he met me and she did NOT invite him to visit the kids where they lived out of state except that one time in 2002. Her son was 5 in 1989, and I really don’t know what my husband did for his 5th birthday, but I do know he was not living in the county any longer, and I didn’t know him then, so how could I possibly know…I’m sure she has a sordid story about it, but, whatever, she’s jaded…

She’s THRILLED that the relationship between her kids and their father was severed before he passed away. it’s what she worked for, he knew it. There is so much proof of  her behind the scense bullshit she put on the kids, it’s not even funny. they were never allowed to make decisions regarding him on their own, because they were so heavily influenced by her. It’s NO surprise at all they felt the way they did. In jan 1996, she told him that her husband offered to adopt the kids as his own, then in Dec 2003, my husband got an email from her daughter telling him that her stepdad was more of a father to her than he was because he was there when she played games and there to just motivate her to go farther in life and as of 2003, he was still doing that. guess the ex forgot all the times that my husband did that as well, guess she forgot how easy it was for her husband to be there for the kids because he LIVED there with them, DUH, common sense, but of course, she obviously never discussed that with the kids because that didn’t fit into her plan. She hated my husband so much that she enjoyed poisoning the kids minds against him, fighting him every step of the way when it came to visitations. what she says in the post is SO very different than what she said in emails and phone calls to him. She shouldnt say her heart breaks for the severed relationship I caused, because I didn’t cause it. SHE should look in the mirror, re read all her emails to him, calling him names, telling him the kids want nothing to do with him. They lost the relationship with their father because of HER venomous words, and that has nothing to do with ME.

My husband took care of his life and the kids born from their marriage. He paid his support every month until he was no longer obligated to do so. He told his ex that since they were of age, if  THEY needed something, THEY need to ask him, not his ex. He visited with is kids when SHE allowed, and he supported them by helping out with their school needs every so often when he could. He called the kids when you were around and would only receive one syllable answers. he ALWAYS knew when you were not home because they were different kids, when that was the case.

The money she got for child support was supposed to go to the kids health education and welfare. If she had to pay more in uncoverd medical expenses, then maybe she should have used the insurance properly, because my husband had told her, what is a convenienice to HER, is not at an expense to him per the guidelines of the CA medical reimbursement laws and court orders.

no one interferd with her daughters email. My husband was talking with his daughter, saying good night to her and she was so busy emailing her boyfriend at the time, my husband glanced and read what he read, the one line about  hernot knowing what is wrong with her father. There is a saying that “what is said in silence (darkness) willcome to light” and frankly, I believe that is the bottom line of her hatred towards my husband and I and why she poisoned  the kids against us. Her lies were brought to light all the time, regardless of how and who. he called, he emailed, he chatted, it was all her and the kids ideas to email because it was easier at times, “due to time constraints”, but then they wanted to change the rules and they didn’t want to email anymore, etc but he still did, knowing that the kids would repond eventually, and he even knew the ex wouldn’t follow her own rules.

My husband was a pretty good typist actually. Of course, she thinks she knew hi, but she didn’t. She knew him for thetime they were married, but she didn’t know him after the divorce. There was no problem between my husband and his father. I was not involved in the mobile home ordeal, that was between him and his dad, and I had no idea what problems there were between my husband and his oldest son. She always thought she knew so much…how pathetic….


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