9 days ago, I received an email from my husbands ex telling me to leave them alone, stop doin what I am doing NOW, she was going to get a restraining order against me from contacting them again or have me arrested,  she told me to move on with my life,  that I caused his death,  just a bunch of  stuff, right?

 Then why the hell is she “stalking” me on my personal website on msn spaces? not once, but TWICE….

 There’s actually 3 sides to every story MOST of the time,  each persons side and the one in the middle where the truth really lies.

 Again, PROVE that I killed my husband.  I was never arrested for it, what information and/or proof do you have that justifies your LIBELOUS accusation? C’mon woman, the police might be interested in what proof you have.

 OH the irony of her words, talking about GOD and judging/judgment  and wicked lies being the stepping stones  to hell…


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