Look who made a 2nd visit!

7 minutes after the first post....

Again with the libel…PROVE that I made his life hell  and that I killed him.
I ‘sucked the life out of him?’ wow, in an email dated Jan 5th 2004, she told him, ”… your spine has been sucked out with a straw through your ass by the persons you live with. I bet you can’t shit without her inspecting  it for some form of transmission to the outside world…”  MORE LIBEL

 First of all, this is from a woman who works with the public everyday as a Branch Manager, isn’t that nice?

 Secondly,  ”by the persons”? The “persons” he lived with were myself and our two minor children. Isn’t she sweet…NOT.  It was no shock when her daughter called my daughter “stupid”


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