"I will not defame his name...he was a wonderful giving and generous and kind and compassionate man..."

Those are written words by my husbands ex in Feb 2006. Believe it? It’s best that you don’t, here’s why: On that same day, she also writes:

1. “…why in 12 yrs of his younger children living in another state did he not go to visit them…”
2. “…Why did “he” never attend a soccer game, a drama performance, or for that matter any of his children’s graduation ceremonies from any grade…?
3. “…Why didn’t “he” pick up the telephone and call his children during the last 5 years…?”
4.”…he LEFT THEM…”
5. “…13 years and never one visit after many invitations…”
6. “…he deserted his kids for over 6 months plus more, left us without support…”
7. “…Why didn’t “he” ever come to Washington to see his kids if he missed them so much…?”
8. “…Why didn’t he show up for graduations after so many invitations…”
9.”…he never came to visit his kids here in 13 years after several invitations…”
10. “…what he did for his 2nd sons 5th birthday. He never showed up…”
11. “…he failed to tell you about the 6 months when he totally deserted them and no contact…”
12. “…the 5th birthday of his son when he promised to be there in San Diego only 2 hours away and never showed up…”
13. “…How about graduation for his son- we waited nothing not even a card of gift. what kind of dad does that…?”

Over a DOZEN dings against him, just between the 22nd and 23rd of Feb 2006, oh but she wasn’t going to defame his name right? OH that’s right, she wasnt going to “defame his name” now by airing her dirty reasons for wanting a divorce from him, but damn if she doesn’t  go both barrels blazing to defame his name about her perception of the kind of father he was,  forget that she said he was a “wonderful giving and generous and kind and compassionate man…”

There is plenty more where that came too…. WAY too many to list, but I will list a couple from the earlier years….

4-95 “…I guess taking care of another man’s child is more important as usual to you…”
        “…if you cared you would call…”
        “…maybe they will mean enough to you to call or maybe pay them for the good grades…”
       “…L’ll tell them you don’t care (to help)…”
11-95 “…I wish you could participate more with their schooling but I guess the distance makes that difficult…”

12-95 My husband wrote to  the school district because he had found out that he was no where in the kids school file and he had to request to be added. The kids had been enrolled in the school district since Feb 1993.

Upon hearing THIS information from the school, a call was placed to the kids medical provider, and this time, they “didn’t even know he existed as under “father” the person that is listed is their stepfather.”  They never heard of my husband.

 Makes sense why, in Jan 1996, the ex writes “If my requests for child support seems unreasonable or too burdensome for your new life my husband (her husbands first name) has offered many times to adopt (kids names) as his own to avoid the hardship you must feel in providing for your children It’s obvious they cause you some sadness in being so far apart….” My husband NEVER would  and never did let that happen…


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